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    Using the online tool to put together a personalised calendar was easier than expected, but quite time consuming (easy to get lost in deciding which photos from your collection will best suit your tastes!). Fortunately, the process to return and continue to your work in progress (via handy e-mailed link) was a nice feature to have. As a great gift for a 1st Wedding Anniversary (Traditional gift is paper, so a calendar seemed appropriate), I highly recommend.

    Lawal M From East London Review Date 10/06/2016
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    Perfect quality and quick delivery!

    Chama M From Leeds Review Date 04/03/2016
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    Brilliant service and the product was of beautiful quality

    Kye M From Liverpool Review Date 22/01/2016
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    I'm very happy with your services. I ordered 3 personalised calendars and I received them in 2-3 days in a perfect condition and quality. Keep up the good job. Thank you very much!

    Maria T. From Cyprus Review Date 11/01/2016
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    Very good - second year of purchase

    Jonathan W From Brentford Review Date 11/01/2016
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    Beautifully printed calendars. Order them each year for all family members as little xmas gifts...

    Paulina F From Geneva, Switzerland Review Date 06/01/2016
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    First class. Very fast production & delivery, good quality printing at a reasonable price. Very pleased, and would recommend.

    Paul M From Glasgow Review Date 06/01/2016
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    Delivered quickly, good quality. Thanks!

    Graeme H From Edinburgh Review Date 31/12/2015
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    Wonderful! my third year of using you guys and always delivered on time and exactly what I wanted. This year I forgot completely that I needed an extra calendar I panicked but ordered anyway and low and behold it arrived perfectly the next day. Thankyou I can not think of any other words to say except thankyou

    Siama R From manchester Review Date 28/12/2015
  • testimonials
    The calendars I ordered were lovely and the customer service brilliant. I'd highly recommend.

    Kelly From Manchester Review Date 20/12/2015