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Make Your Own Dress

Make your own dress and flaunt your fabulous figure in one of our flattering dresses. Whatever the occasion, you can design a dress to perfectly reflect your unique style.

Make Your Own Dress Online

From floaty beach dresses to the figure-hugging bodycon, we've got a style to suit any shape and any occasion. Design a dress using your own photos, artwork or graphic prints, and feel like a Goddess wherever you go. When you make your own dress, there's the option to choose from a selection of gorgeous fabrics that look and feel amazing on the skin. Be confident, radiant and 100% you and design your own dress. 

Our online dress design tool is easy and fun to use, featuring various editing options to give you the ultimate creative freedom over your own clothes. Why be a follower of fashion when you can create your own? Great for your fashion-forward wardrobe or as great personalised photo gifts.

A statement of femininity

For years dresses have been seen as the ultimate statement of femininity. Since around the 11th century, European women wore dresses which were similar to the tunics that were worn by men, that usually sat at just below the knee. Throughout the next hundred years or so, the style of the dress changes. It became much less loose-fitting, especially on the arm and upper body, accentuating a woman's assets. Since then dresses have varied greatly, in length, in style and in the materials used. In more modern times, dresses are used for both casual and formal wear and serve as a fantastic alternative to a two-piece outfit. We've drawn on history, as well as created new designs, and it's not uncommon to see a variety of styles, old and new, on many different people all on the same day. 

Personalise your design

Once you've found your style, why should you compromise it because you can't quite find the dress on the high street? Say no to second best and make your own dress design. You have the creative freedom to do exactly what you want with the space that you have. Use photographs of your favourite moments for something that will always make you smile, create a sassy slogan to stand out from the crowd or use images or something you are truly passionate about to make a statement. There is no limit to the amazing designs you can create when you make your own dress. 

If you've got it, flaunt it

And we don't necessarily mean bare all. At Bags of Love, we know that you can subtly show your figure with the styling and fit of a dress and that you don't need to get it out to show what you've got. From figure-hugging, curve-accentuating fabrics, to streamlined cuts and carefully placed darts, our in-house designer has thought of it all. Remain modest, whilst feeling - and looking - fabulous with a range of dresses designed to put you in the spotlight. It's not just close-fitting either, from the flounces to the flattering A-line styles, we offer a broad selection of dress styles to make sure that you both look and feel your best. 

Unrivalled comfort

From soft touch or silky smooth to super stretch or shimmery, every fabric choice has been made with not only superb style but also ultimate comfort, in mind. All fabrics have been sourced and chosen for their characteristics, their look and their feel, to ensure that your dresses offer unrivalled comfort. After all, it's all well and good looking fantastic, but if you don't feel it too then you're certainly missing out. 

Make your own dress

We're all about making it personal, and our dresses are no exception. Not only can you create your own design, using your photos, images and text that you create, but you can also control the finer details. Many dresses offer more than one length so that you can make sure that you are completely comfortable with the design. You also get the option of fabrics with a number of the dress styles, so that you can tailor your outfit specifically for the occasion. That's not all either, you can select and personalise details as fine as the colour of the thread that is used for the top stitching, after all, you don't want to make your own dress a stunning little black number, and then have a white thread around the armholes and hemline.