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Ensure you choose the right fabric for printing with this pocket fabric swatch book. Make the right choice for your customised fabric needs. This swatch book contains ready printed samples of all of the Bags of Love custom printed fabric range to help you decide which fabric to print on. And get your money back. If you buy a swatch pack, we issue you a coupon code to get your money back + a further discount on your first order.

  • Ready same Day.

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  • Made in UK

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Ready Printed Fabric Swatch Book

  • More than 95 fabrics to print on
  • 7x7cm  / 3" sq, pocket size fabric swatch pack
  • Fabric names are on each ready printed sample
  • Feel the handle and see the detail on our fabrics
  • Colour and font charts - Click here to get one

Reviews for Printed Fabric Swatch Pack

Rated 4.9/5 based on 150 customer reviews view all
  • Super speedy delivery of swatch samples, very excited to start my project, will definitely be getting some fabric printed.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • I am really happy with the speed of the delivery of my fabric samples. Will be using this service again, Keep up the good work!
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • I ordered the £2.50 fabric swatch. The swatch came the next day. It is the best swatch of material I have ever received. Every piece of material was clearly marked with what it was and it was extremely helpful to be able to feel the material type and make decisions about what I want to order in the future. The sample pack is so useful, I shall keep it for making decision on all my material projects in the future. Thank you 'Bags of Love' for offering the best pre-order assistance a buyer could wish for. Excellent service, above and beyond expectations. I will defini...
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • Great selection of fabrics. Great to be able to feel and see the quality of the fabrics and this will inspire me to get creating! Very excited to get going.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by

Swatches and Samples

Order a Swatchpack

3” printed squares of our entire fabric range, to see and feel the quality.

Request a swatchpack
Fabric print sample and colour chart Order a sample

Order a small sample of your design, or choose from our pre-designed colour charts.

Print fabric sample

Fabric Samples For Printing

Order your ready printed Bags of Love Fabric Swatch Book and start selecting from our wide variety of 'print on' fabrics. Make an informed choice of what fabric will work best for each particular project. This fabric swatch pack features a fun and vibrant print on each of the fabric samples, to show you how a print will look on each of our fabrics.


Printed Swatches

As well as being a great size to keep at hand for reference, we have also tried to make your fabric selection choice even easier by printing the names of each fabric type onto the sample. This way, it will be even easier to place your custom printed fabric order at Bags of Love. To help visualise how our fabrics will work in your home or for your individual project, use our Fabric Swatch Book. We also offer samples of our fabric labels which may be useful to you.


DIY and Sewing Bloggers

If you have your own blog and want to test our fabric swatch book for free, give us a shout. Send us an email and tell us about you, your passion and the projects you are working on. Discover with us an exciting range of extraordinary fabrics for your next DIY or sewing project. Get in touch and get excited.

Fabric Print Offer and Discounts

Order your Fabric Swatch Pack and get a £10 gift voucher to use on your next fabric print order.* Offer exclusive to new customers only and can only be used once. Voucher expires after 30 days.
*voucher cannot be used for test prints or samples.

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