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Personalised Mats

Fill your home with personalised mats for a whole range of uses. From custom designed door mats and bath mats, to yoga mats and prayer mats, there truly are printed mats for every occasion. Get creative and design your own mats today.

Printed Mats

Mats are used for welcoming people into our homes, they are used to protect our tables from hot plates, to add decoration to dining rooms and kitchen tables, to stretch out on during a yoga session, to change baby's nappy on, and so much more. For something, this important, it is vital that they show off your personal taste and style. Make your own personalised mats and design them however you want. When it is something that lives in your home, it is important that it reflects you. What better way to start than by creating bespoke mats you have designed yourself?

  • Handmade to order in London
  • High quality, long-lasting print
  • Fabric and non-fabric photo mat options
  • Trim colour options available
  • Protect your surfaces
  • Ideal for adding character and style
  • Different size options available
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Non-slip bases
  • Added text option
  • Quality checked
  • Unique and personal to you
  • Absorbent fabric used for place and bath mats
  • Fully customisable
Personalised Mats

Give Your Kitchen A Personalised Touch

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why we love creating photo gifts to give your kitchen even more heart. Our bespoke mats for the kitchen and dining room are ideal for showing off your style, while still being practical.

Handmade Personalised Mats

Quality Checked

All our items are quality checked before shipping to ensure that everything is held to the highest of standards. At Bags of Love we strive for perfection, that is why quality is seen as a priority. Using only the best materials, handmade here in the UK, you can trust that your personalised mats are made with love and care.

personalised mats handmade UK

The Perfect Gift

Our personalised mats create the perfect photo gift. With our large range, there are mats for everyone! Whether they take pride in their kitchen, enjoy yoga, have a new-born baby, or just moved in to their new home, create a personalised gift they will cherish forever.

printed mats

Protective And Personalised

Our large range of mats are designed to not only look good, but to protect your delicate surfaces. Made with non-slip backing and high quality materials our mats stay in place to ensure they get the job done. Add your own photos and texts to create a household staple that is fun and personal to you.

printed mats UK

Find Your Zen

Enjoy your yoga sessions at home or in the gym using a mat designed by you. Not only does your mat look good, but it does good too. With a hessian lattice topped with custom printed fabric, you can personalise your mat however you want. Consider using photos and quotes that give you the inspiration you need to achieve those tricky poses. The natural rubber base is non-slip, so you can use it on carpet, laminate or wood floors. Our in-house seamstresses piece your yoga mat together by hand, ensuring every detail is perfect.

How Your Personalised Mats Are Made

  • design tool and live preview

    Get started quickly using our simple designs tool with a live preview feature.

  • handmade and eco-friendly inks

    Hand-printed using responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly, long-lasting inks.

  • tracking orders and delivery options

    Track your order start to finish and choose from multiple delivery options, including next day.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I clean my personalised mats?

    Our mats are easy to clean. Depending on the mat that you purchase, you can either wipe clean with a damp cloth, hand wash, dust, or simply throw it in the washing machine. If you are unsure how to clean your specific mat, head to the product pages and look under our care instructions tab.

  • Will my printed mats protect my surfaces?

    Yes! Our mats are thick enough to ensure your surfaces are protected, without being overly bulky. The perfect way to protect your surfaces with a personalised touch.

  • How are my mats made?

    Your personalised mats are handmade by experts in our London factory. Made by professionals, using high-quality materials, you received the very best mats available.

  • Can I add my name to my bespoke mats?

    Our mats are fully customisable. So, add your name, inspiring quotes, and your favourite photos. You receive ultimate creative freedom when it comes to designing your mats.

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