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Digital cotton printing on four gorgeous natural materials. We now sell natural cotton print fabrics for design, patterns or art printing. We print direct to fabric for a vibrant sharp image and printed on demand so fast turnaround, and with a hemming option.

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Printed Cotton Fabric You Design

  • Real cotton fabrics
  • Woven, & knitted options
  • Ideal for garments, accessories, homewares
  • Rich vibrant colours printed deeply
  • No minimum order, hemming option available

Reviews for Cotton Fabric Printing

Rated 4.8/5 based on 64 customer reviews view all
  • testimonials This is the first time I have used this kind of service. I was so pleased with the quality of the end result. The web site was brilliant and easy to use. I am making a quilt and had some family photographs printed to stitch on to it. My whole experience with bags of love was excellent and will definitely use again as now I have other ideas that I could use for the product that they produce. Thanks bags of love
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials This was my first time using the site and my first time ordering printed fabric The site was really user friendly and had a multitude of options so for me to choose from. Not coming from a textiles background I probably could have benefited from more detail on the individual fabrics. For example how they felt to the touch or the sorts of items that would typically be made from the fabric. The ordering process was very simple and easy to upload your design and the items were checked really quickly and when there was a question over the resolution of my design this wa...
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Thank you very much for your excellent, efficient and helpful service. I am delighted with my printed fabric and will highly recommend you.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Great. I am very pleased with the fabric I ordered as a trial run and will place further orders soon.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by

Cotton Printing Options

We are building our natural cotton range all the time, here's a little low down on what we have so far. Hopefully this will give you a little extra help in your fabric choices, but if you're still stuck then a swatch pack is the best thing, let the samples help make the decision for you. 

Sierra Cotton Twill: A soft surface texture, without the weight that comes with fabrics like linen, it's woven using a sateen twill.

Pima Lawn: This is a plain weave fabric, made with varying thread sizes, a thin soft airy material.

Cotton Linen: Our natural 100% cotton-linen fabric, with a smooth surface and the expected weight of a linen.

Cotton Frontera Jersey: A lightweight knitted cotton jersey material, with a small stretch, it's ideal for clothes. 


Custom Printed 100% Cotton Fabrics

Choice of cotton fabric closely woven, smooth and crisp to the touch, or open linen style weave. Using water-based inks, our custom cotton prints beautifully with vibrant colour and precise detail at a minimum resolution of 150 dpi. Owing to its natural fibres and our fabric printing experience, your custom printed fabric looks sharp and feels great. Printing on this fabric up to 150cm wide. Prints on cotton sit alongside our dye sub fabric selection. You can't fully dye sub cotton because the textile does not react with the dye. We use another excellent process giving professional picture perfect results on natural cotton.


Repeat Patterns To Design Your Fabric

Our design system gives you the flexibility to create different patterns on your cotton fabric using our repeat tools. Upload your design and choose one of our tiling options with our pattern repeat tools to fulfil your requirements. Precise and user friendly design tool allow you to achieve factory style production in short run enabling you to design your own cotton fabric.


Hemming Option

We have a cut and sew operation here at Contrado, Bags of Love. We can add a hem if you wish for a little extra cost. We create a small one fold hem that typically uses 5mm of material. If you order 100x100cm expect your fabric to be approx. 99x99cm (hem and shrinkage). We have black or white thread we will use either to best match your artwork. If you have a preference please, chat, email or call asap after placing your order.


Fashion Designers, Students and Fabric Lovers

For designers, students and fabric lovers, you can send your hard work to us to be printed on our crisp 100% cotton fabric. While other suppliers may ask you to email your designs with reliability issues that entails, our design interface encourages you to make the best of your creative designs in a professional way. With over 10 years of experience, our in-house production experts take great care and attention to detail printing your designs on any of our fabrics.


Creative Craft Projects Using Cotton Fabric

For mums and craft bloggers who love doing DIY creative projects, you can now print your cotton fabrics simply by uploading your designs. From quilting and dress making to cotton tote bags, napkins, cushions, curtains and interior furnishings, we can print up to 1.4 m (w) of textile for your sewing projects. This fabric is all yours in a matter of days, ready for sewing and showing.


Print Cotton For 2nd Wedding Anniversary Present Too

Make a cotton anniversary print especially for your husband or wife to mark the second year of marriage. You can add photos, design, and or words to make something special - and you can choose to have it hemmed by us too to make the prefect bespoke 2nd anniversary present.


You Can't Dye Sub It - Cotton Sublimation Printing Explained

We have vast knowledge in dye sublimation and advise you as a fact that cotton sublimation printing only works if there is a coating on it. The coating will be a polyester liquid or barrier that once dried will cause the material to stiffen and feel different, but it will print the coating, as opposed to the textile. We have a good hybrid dye sub coated cotton here.

Care And Known Concerns: As with all natural textiles there is a significant degree of shrinkage in print processing and in the use you may have for the material. Please expect 2 - 3 % shrinkage x and y directions in your textile when you receive it. It is better if you allow a margin of shrinking in your design or pattern to allow the shrink tolerance. Do this by adding more bleed area in your design. It is not an exact science and we cannot predict exactly how one lot of cotton textile will shrink to the next batch.


Artwork Advice: Avoid large areas of solid/dark colours as they are particularly susceptible to fading during washing and even though our colour on natural cotton is very strong, large areas of solid colour may attract problems. Avoid patterns that use very similar colours for contrasting elements as they may appear as the same colour once printed and washed over time.

Washing: We only recommend cold wash on delicates setting or woollens cycle for more gentle cleaning. Hot washing at anything above 30 degrees Celsius causes significant fading. Dry cleaning is not ideal and can affect colour but does create good handle. All wet washing will cause heavy creasing and marbling of the print can occur (crease fade lines).

If you need to allow repeated wet washing and require permanent print fastness then this cotton printing process is not best choice for you (unless you like the faded vintage look) and even then we only recommend 'delicates' setting.

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