Personalised Baseball Caps

Personalised Baseball Caps

Design Your own Custom Baseball Cap Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Personalised baseball caps are a great way to flaunt your unique style. Your all-over printed baseball cap...

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Design Your Own Baseball Cap

  • Printed, cut, and sewn into a finished custom baseball cap
  • Available in two sizes
  • High-quality nickel or brass metal loop
  • Personalised baseball caps with all over print
  • Label, coloured trim & lining options
  • Stylish curved peak design

Personalised baseball caps that allow you to print on every part of the hat, are the way forwards.

Your custom baseball cap is crafted with hardwearing Poly Twill or matte, natural Cotton Twill fabric. The twill fabric has a slight sheen and durable structure that ensures it prints with extremely high quality. The crisp white base creates a strong contrast to the bright range of colours used in your print. On the other hand, our natural cotton produces strong colours and fades with use to give your cap a unique vintage feel. Choose white or black for the trim colour, and we’ll print a matching white or black coloured sweatband, bias tape, thread and velcro and lining. Design your own baseball cap online now, printed and assembled in the UK.
  • Fully customisable baseball cap
  • Curved peak design
  • Available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL)
  • Made from strong Poly Twill or 100% natural, matte Cotton Twill fabric
  • Custom label, sweatband and binding inside the cap
  • Nickel or brass metal hardware option (eyelets and strap loop)
  • Choose black or white top stitch thread and trim
  • Custom baseball cap, UK made to order

Care instructions

Handwash only, hang to dry. Low heat iron.

  • Hand Wash
  • Hang Dry
  • No Wring
  • Do Not Tumble
  • Iron Safe
  • Steam Safe
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Personalised Baseball Hat Sizes

To find your perfect hat size use a soft tape measure or a piece of string (which can be measured afterwards). Place the measuring tape or string just above your ear, and across your forehead, wrapping round to the back of your head. Don't pull too tightly, leave the tape a little loose. If you find your size in the middle of our sizing brackets, go a size up.

Hat Construction

Ten panels to customise, inside Velcro and under peak are only interior designs, the other eight sections are on the exterior of the personalised baseball hat. You have options for thread, Velcro, webbing, which needs to be selected before ordering. Keep the sun off with this designer baseball cap for men women and kids. Hand made here in London with your very own custom baseball hat manufacturer.

The Stylish Attraction of Fitted Customisable Baseball Caps

Fitted custom baseball caps are a popular style of headwear known for their precise and snug fit. Unlike adjustable caps with straps or buckles, fitted hats are available in specific sizes that correspond to the circumference of your head. They are made from stretchable materials that provide a comfortable and secure fit, embracing the contours of your head. Fitted custom baseball caps offer a sleek and tailored appearance, making them a favourite choice among those who appreciate a more refined and personalised look. Whether worn for sports, fashion, or team representation, fitted customisable baseball caps combine style and comfort for a confident and polished headwear option.

The Luxurious Comfort of Silk Baseball Caps

Discover the incredible advantages of wearing a personalised silk baseball cap. Crafted from smooth and soft silk, this headwear provides unparalleled comfort. Its breathability keeps you cool and prevents sweat and heat buildup. Silk is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. Despite its delicate feel, silk is remarkably durable and can withstand the test of time. The cap's unique sheen adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your look. Furthermore, silk offers some protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring your face and scalp are shielded. In summary, a personalised silk baseball cap effortlessly combines comfort, breathability, hypoallergenic qualities, durability, a luxurious appearance, and UV protection, making it an outstanding accessory in terms of both style and functionality.

Size Chart Headwear
  S/M L/XL
Head S/M 54 - 57 cm
21.2 - 22.5 "
L/XL 57 - 60 cm
22.5 - 23.6 "
  • Head Measure above your ear, and across your forehead, wrapping round to the back of your head leaving measuring tape slightly loose.

Won't fade in the sun

Customised baseball caps are made by printing your photo design directly onto the fabric using state of the art digital printing techniques. This ensures a rich print with fade-resistance - vital as it's facing the sun all day! 

Your fabric is then cut to shape according to our bespoke pattern. This order ensures that your design runs from edge to edge without leaving white edges at the seams. Our talented seamstresses then stitch and assemble your personalised baseball cap until we end up with a totally unique, bespoke baseball cap! Following this, the printed baseball caps are passed to our quality control team for a thorough inspection before being shipped out. 

Care: Our personalised baseball caps need only a little care if well looked after. Wipe clean is our recommended cleaning procedure. If you need to wash the entire cap then we advise washing on a cold wash. Do not tumble dry under your printed baseball caps under any circumstances as the curved peak is a plastic component which will react with the heat. Only allow drying naturally (hang dry).

Keep it cool

The custom baseball caps, UK handmade to order, have six panels which make up the dome. Each of these can be personalised individually. You can use different coloured backgrounds for each panel, to create a classic umbrella look. Then add a different photo on each individual panel to finish your design. 

You can also design your own baseball caps by using the same coloured background for each panel and making a scattered photo collage on a panel. This makes each panel look the same from a distance, however, when you look closely at the personalised baseball cap you can see that each image is different. 

Printed baseball caps also come with the option of designing the inside of the strap and peel individually. This is great for adding a personal message, or the recipient's name to the custom baseball caps, made in the UK made, creating really unique photo gifts for your loved ones. 

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