Design Your Own Beach Towel

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Create beach towels here and upload images to design small to extra large beach towels. Our quick drying custom printed beach towels are perfect for holiday and beach trip. Each custom printed towel is made in London, by Bags Of Love, home of original printed swimming towels.

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Custom Printed Beach Towel

  • Microfibre beach towel with terry towelling loop
  • Five sizes from small to massive double
  • Permanent print all over one side
  • Soaks well, dries fast. Light and easy to pack
  • 2 year guarantee

Reviews for Custom Beach Towels

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  • testimonials Excellent Quality and speedy delivery!
    I ordered two personalised beach towels as stocking fillers for my daughters. The site was easy to navigate and the personalisation was straightforward. I had left the ordering of these items very late and thought the items were a little expensive but the order was fulfilled and delivered within two days. I was delighted and have since ordered another towel as a birthday present. I strongly recommend this site.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Fabulous!
    Totally unique gift and excellent service.
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Very happy
    Excellent service really happy with the quality of my personalised beach towel thanks
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • testimonials Great product good quality
    Ordered a photo beach towel the quality of the print Is great the delivery time was quicker then I expected. The communication was good a great service offered
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by

Make Your Own Beach Towels - Double Thick and Luxurious Too

If you want your beach towel printed on both sides with super thick extra luxury feel, we can print a second layer and have it sewn together so you have images front and back for added luxury. This is a little extra cost but double the value. Double thick and double printed is available on any size of our towels. Create your own swim towel on-line using your own images or designs. To begin press start design, and from there you are able to upload graphics and images, change colours, and add text.  Once your design is complete, we print your design directly and deeply into the towel's fibres. Thanks to our sophisticated printing methods, your image will last years. Enjoy your new photo towel at the beach, pool, or at home! They are great fun and serve well as novelty beach towels, and UK made too. Perfect as gym, travel, or camping towel too.

Big Beach Towels Range. If You Want Extra Large Beach Towels

We make 5 different size beach towels from small (great for infants and kids) to huge double beach towels for couples newly-wed honeymooners and families. Bags Of Love are the originators for customisation work on towels at this scale. We have a medium personalised swimming towel that is fine for kids and two adult sizes for big and maxi adult versions. We can even make huge beach towels up to 5 metres if you so desire - just call to enquire about our large beach towels and other bespoke variants.

  • Small 58cm x 99cm (weight approx 200 grams) 
  • Medium 63cm x 121cm (weight approx 265 grams)
  • Adult single 83cm x 143cm (weight approx 450 grams)
  • Maxi 74cm x 178cm (weight approx 480 grams)
  • Adult double 143cm x 178cm (weight approx 820 grams)
  • Choose your own size customised towel! We make them to order contact us for more details

Water-absorbent personalised towel



Please be aware, these products are super, hand printed and fabricated one at a time. Made from super soft towelling material, this fabric has a pile that, when pushed in one way shows your personalised design, and pushed the other way also shows your design, but with small flecks of white textile deep down in the fibres. The flecks are minimal, and are a natural occurrence of towelling fabric. The edges of the towel are hand hemmed for handmade touch of quality. These tolerances are entirely acceptable and do not render the item less loveable.

Printing all over towel material is extremely hard to do and we do it well. We have optimised the printing on towel textile to ensure balance for the best print and thickness. We are probably making the best all over printed custom towels available worldwide. The towel after printing feels a little flat and then fluffs up with use. It soaks up more water, towel weight for weight, than conventional towels.

Add A Photo On Towel Or Even A Montage

The simplest way to create your own beach swim towel is to print it with one photo. They look great especially on the double size towels, and so do photo collages. This popular and simple use of this product make it a great photo gift. We love to produce them and photo towels are fun to make, fun to give and fun to use. Try out our preview design tools to see what yours could look like.

Microfiber Quick Dry Towels

Our towels are quick drying and easy to pack so ideal for travelling, hiking, or at the gym. Water and oils are quickly absorbed thanks to the microfibres, and because the towel is quick drying it is less prone to stale than natural fibres. The towel is light for easy carry and is machine washable. A very useful towel in a variety of situations and if you personalise it that's even better. Start designing your custom microfibre beach towel now.

Design tip: To fully enjoy your Personalised Beach Towel, we suggest washing it before you first use it, which will make it even softer against your skin. To make sure our towels are functional as well as fashionable, we make them using Microfibre, which absorbs water brilliantly and dries quickly. To ensure you are thrilled with your print, please create a design using a photo montage or a detailed print, rather than plain colours. Our printing methods will really make these kinds of designs pop!

Care: These towels will last years and years and will age very well. The ink is permanent and fused to the fibres of the textile so will not peel or crack off. Wash up to 30 deg C, drip dries fast.

Guaranteed: 2 year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish.

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