Personalised Face Gifts

Jump on the latest trend of things that you can print your face on with personalised face gifts. From a present to the paper, there are endless possibilities for giving gifts with your face on it. From clothing to cups, wallpaper to wrapping and so many things in between, browse a selection of products that are just perfect for putting your face on.

Personalised Face Gifts

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Put your face on a gift

The latest trend is to print your face on things, anything, everything! With personalised face gifts, we have a selection of products that have been hand-picked from your favourites which are ideal for you to print your face on. From socks to suitcases and bedsheets to bracelets, you asked for gifts you can put your face on and we delivered.

Gifts with dogs face on it

We know it's not just your face that you like to print on your personalised face gifts, but that you're also looking for dog face gifts, and gifts with pets face printed on them, from the cat to your guinea pig. We have made sure to include some examples of these within our selection too, and remember when you're printing a face on gifts, it can be your partner's, your pet's, or pretty much anyone's (with permission of course), it doesn't have to be yours.

Custom face clothing

Do you remember the Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding swimsuits? Well, it seems as though that started a craze - and why not? You guys have been printing your faces on not just swimsuits, but on all kinds of clothing, proving that you don't have to be a Royal to wear your own face emblazoned across your clothing with pride. From a custom t-shirt with dog face across the front to socks with faces on them, Bags of Love have got you covered.

Gift wrap my face

Whether you've created gifts with your face on it, or personalised gifts with someone's name, design or photos on them, use wrapping paper that you've personalised with either your face or your recipients on it for a stunning personal touch. Eliminate the need for tags and labels, and just make the paper tell you who the present is for, or who it's from - you could even add both of your faces! Use our handy text tool to add a message to your gift wrap.

How to make gifts with your face on it - all over

If you're looking to create a recurring pattern of your face, especially for a larger surface area, you can do it within our user-friendly, online design tool in next to no time. All you need is an image of your face, preferably cut out, with a transparent background, and to choose which product you want to print your face on. Upload your face picture to the design tool, and choose the background colour you'd like to use. If your image is on a coloured background, you will need to match that exactly with the one you choose - you can do this with the RGB values or the hex code within our colour palette.

Then under the effects section of the design tool, click on the pattern repeat tool (the one with the 'R's on it, and choose the way you would like your repeated pattern to display. You have the option or mirrored, basic repeating or a half drop. Your design preview will update in real time, so you can check out all of the options and decide on the one you like to look of best.

Handmade, personalised face gifts

When you create a selection of gifts with your face on it, you put a lot of effort into choosing the right shot, lining it up correctly, and picking colours and angles that work. We care as much about your personalised face gifts as you do. That's why all of your custom face gifts are handmade to order, by experts, onsite in our North West London Facility. From the printing to the cutting, and even down to the stitching of your custom face clothing, we do everything in-house. So you can rest assured that you'll receive your personalised face gifts exactly as you designed them.