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Zippo® Custom Photo Lighter

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Zippo logoFeaturing a sleek and stylish design, our Zippo® personalised lighter makes a unique and useful photo gift. You can design your own lighter and create a wonderful keepsake for a plethora of special occasions. Your new personalised lighter is a genuine Zippo® product, it's wind-proof and refillable so that it can be used and re-used for life. Your design will feature on one side of the custom printed lighter and it comes with its own gift box.

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Personalised Photo Lighters

  • Official Zippo® product, personalised by us
  • Brushed finish with rounded edges
  • Entirely metal construction, high quality build
  • Wind-proof, refillable, replaceable wicks & flint
  • Classic hinged lid, with the distinctive Zippo® 'click'

Our personalised photo lighter is an official Zippo® lighter with curved corners. Refillable, reliable and recommended, Zippo® personalised lighters are provided in a gift box.

These genuine Zippo® lighters have an all metal construction which has both exceptional quality and looks beautiful. The elegant brushed finish is perfect for making prints pop, while giving the personalised photo lighters a chic, glossy finish. Zippo® personalised lighters are wind-proof and feature a strong, hinged lid with the well-known, distinctive Zippo® 'click', so using them when you are out and about is not a problem.
  • Print your design on a genuine Zippo® lighter
  • Brushed finish with curved corners
  • Hinged flip-top lid with classic Zippo® 'click'
  • Wind-proof lighter for use almost anywhere
  • Comes in an elegant presentation box
  • Personalised lighters, UK printed to order
  • Zippo® lifetime guarantee on build quality

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Personalised lighters, UK printed onto a genuine Zippo® lighter, are a wonderful, high-quality gift. Presented in a gift box, personalised photo lighters make a unique gift that has all the build-quality of arguably the most famous lighter brand as well as your design emblazoned on the front of it. With the notable Zippo® 'click' on the flip-top lid, and the all metal design that gives Zippo® its renowned quality, this personalised lighter, UK printed is a truly special, bespoke gift. 

Personalised Lighters That Make You Stand Out 

Who knew you can print on lighters? You might have thought that there were only engraved lighters available. The problem with engraved lighters, is that you are limited with your design. With our personalised photo lighter, you have the opportunity to make it much more personal. From family pictures to unique artwork and even a loving message, when you design your own lighter, you can take customisation to the next level. 

We  print your design onto the front of the personalised lighter using a specialist metal ink transfer application process. The image is printed in a way that it doesn't quite meet the edges of the lighter, this is done intentionally to give you a classic border around your print, and to stop any bleed over the edges. Our printing techniques and methods are scratch resistant, meaning that they can withstand wear and tear, as well as most pocket abuse. Avoid dropping from a height and scratching with sharp objects.

Care: For advice on how to fill your lighter and replace the flint, please visit our FAQ page. Please be careful with naked flames. Close lid to extinguish. Not for minors. Your Zippo® is supplied empty for safety reasons.  

As the print surface area is relatively small, we recommend using a single photo, logo or image, to guarantee a high quality and highly detailed finish. If you are giving this lighter as a gift, a singular, special photo with the persons name would look gorgeous, or perhaps even a special message or in-joke would be fun. If you are a brand, then why not create a design based around your logo, to catch someone influential's eye and make an impact with brand visibility?  

When creating your design, remember that there is an opening for the lid of the lighter, so it can be flipped up. Although this will not impact the look of your print, it is worth keeping an eye on your final design to make sure you are happy with where the opening line is. 

Our personalised lighter is a truly versatile product, which is as useful as it is stylish. As a genuine Zippo® product you can expect excellent build quality, as well as Zippo®'s famous lifetime guarantee. It is perfect for men and women and is also great to keep around the house, whenever you might need a light. If you are getting hitched and needing ideas for best man gifts or groomsmen gifts then personalised lighters are a fun option, especially as you can customise each one separately. From weddings and birthdays, to Christmas presents and anniversary gifts, our high quality, personalised photo lighter is a must-have bespoke gift.

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