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Print Your Own Jumpers & Jackets

Beat the chill in style with jackets and jumpers printed with your designs. Available in a range of sizes & different fabrics, print your own jumper to look fabulous all year round.

How to Print Your Own Jumper

Whether you want a trendy jacket, tacky Christmas jumper or cool hoodie, you can easily create your vision in our online design system. Simply upload your images and use the editing tools to create the perfect printed jumpers. For an original look, create a photo collage by selecting multiple images and choosing one of our ready-made montage styles, or move the photos yourself for a custom collage. 

Custom jumpers

Not only can you print your own jumper, jacket or hoodie, but you get to customise it further with fabric options, zipper styles and the choice to add a custom clothing label. Nobody else will have the same jacket so you'll be a walking fashion icon! From raincoats to cardigans you can choose your fabrics, your size and even your thread colour to make sure that when you print your own jumpers or jackets, that it's the perfect style for you. 

Look and feel exclusive

At Bags of Love, we have our very own, in-house designer. That means that each and every garment is made exclusively for our range, with every little detail carefully considered. This results in not only beautiful styles, cut exactly the way the designer intended, but also means that your fabric choices are the perfect options for the garment in question - right from the look and feel of the material, to the way it drapes or hugs at every point. And when you have total control over the design and print your own jumpers and jackets, you know that it's also an exclusive pattern, photo or design. 

Printed with modern technology

There have been so many advancements when it comes to printing on fabrics that it can all seem a little confusing. We use state-of-the-art printing techniques to ensure a long-lasting print on each and every piece of clothing we make. Different materials respond differently to various printing methods, and that's why we tailor the process to the fabric, ensuring that your print is just as stunning on an easy-care poly textile as it is on a completely natural one. We have done the research into all the options and chosen the best one so that you don't have to worry about that part when you print your own jumpers and jackets, giving you the ability to focus solely on your customisation options and creating your design. 

Expect the best, don't settle for less

Part of the research into printing techniques, and a factor that is important to all of us here, as well as you lovely customers, is that the fabric feels like you would expect it to. All of our digital printing methods create a bond between our eco-friendly inks and the fibres of the material itself. Gone are the days when you have that transfer texture over the front of your printed jumpers - if you choose Soft Fashion Jersey because it's super-soft to the touch, then you want a sweatshirt that is super-soft to the touch.

Unleash your creativity

With our intuitive design interface, you can upload photographs, images and even artwork with ease to create your jumper print. A built-in pattern repeat tool will allow you to tile your image either as is, mirrored or with a half drop. The handy text tool means that you can add your name, initials, or even a witty slogan to your design, and the preview updates in real time, so you can see any changes you make immediately. When you print your own jumpers and jackets, we want the process to be as easy, user-friendly and most of all, as fun, as possible, so unleash your creative side and make a custom jumper that you can wear with pride.