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unique gifts for mother-in-law blog post

Out of all the in-laws, it’s the mother that tends to get the worst rep. Often portrayed in films as controlling, interfering and judgemental, it’s no wonder we fear the burning glare of their disappointment and disdain. Even if you have a good relationship with yours, it’s still important to butter her up. Personalised gifts for mother-in-law go beyond the regular bouquet of flowers or anti-ageing […]


Heart n Soul is an award-winning London based charity and creative arts company. It provides opportunities for people with learning disabilities. So, whether an individual wants to develop a new skill, take part in exciting and creative activities, or find work in the cultural sector, the charity aims to provide them with these empowering possibilities. […]


This month we are happy to announce a long-term partnership with Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT). FTCT supports families by providing financial grants for children of UK fashion and textile families. This small charity has a long history of offering support to families in the industry, and believe no family should struggle financially to […]

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The Cabbage Patch is a USA based charity, which aims to empower vulnerable children and their families by providing a range of counselling and educational services. They recently hosted an event to raise awareness. Bags of Love teamed up with the charity to create  unique  tea towels featuring art by the Cabbage Patch children. Local seasonal boutique, […]