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Custom Ties with Photos, Logos, or Motifs

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Custom Ties with Photos, Logos, or Motifs

Personalised Ties Designed by You Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Design your tie and have it printed to order. Be original and create custom ties printed with your images, text, motif, logo or art. Design a ne...

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Personalised Ties Features

  • Custom printed tie with your photos
  • Skinny or classic tie design
  • Smooth satin with slight sheen
  • Both sides printed
  • Exceptional print quality
  • Five year guarantee, no minimum order

You can design your own tie online using your ideas in our creative tie design system.

Choose from limitless background colours, endless choice of words or a combination with images logo or other graphics. Bear in mind the long thin shape before you design your own tie. Whilst this is not ideal for all photos, it does work well for a montage of photos to create a collage tie and for long tall subjects. You can try out a collage tie design, using our free collage maker in our design system. If you want an original idea for a friends new marriage, then custom ties for weddings can add an unusual flare.
  • Choice of two tie styles
  • Great photo gifts
  • Skinny tie 60 mm
  • Classic tie 90 mm
  • Become your own designer
  • Made from smooth satin
  • Feels like a silk material
  • Slight sheen to face
  • Print with your photos
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Special ties for men
  • No minimum order
  • Made to order in London

Care instructions

For best results dry clean only recommended. Small spot clean possible with warm water mild soap, and gentle sponging. Do not tumble dry, do not machine wash, do not handwash.

  • Dry clean, tetrachloroethylene (PCE)
  • Wipe Down
  • Low Heat
  • Do Not Tumble
  • Do Not Hand Wash
  • Do Not Wash

Your Choice Of Tie Styles

As well as giving you complete control of the design of your custom-printed tie, we also wanted to give you a choice of styles. Choose from a super trendy skinny tie or a classic wide tie. Both styles reflect the same level of superb craftsmanship, with photos or designs printed to the highest quality. 

  • Skinny tie dimensions: approximately 60 mm at the widest point, approximately 140.5 cm long
  • Wide tie dimensions: approximately 90 mm at the widest point, approximately 140.5 cm long

One Off Custom Ties No Minimum Order

Our custom printed tie is prepared carefully so that we can print the back of the photo tie in addition to the front. We have no minimum order for personalised neckties. You can order one at a time or more. Just create your own tie design in our preview and you will see it in a day or two. Our custom ties can be made online the same day for next day delivery. It's custom printed to order and if you get your order in soon enough, usually before midday, we can make and send your order with next day delivery service, perfect for last minute personalised photo gifts.

Care: The tie is made from a high-quality smooth satin with a slight sheen, long-lasting print both sides. Keep flat. Dry clean only. Do not put in the washing machine. Iron safe. 

Guaranteed: Five-year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish.

The Emotional Impact of Personalised Photo Ties

Personalised ties go beyond a simple fashion statement; they represent love and connection. By featuring a cherished photograph on the tie's fabric, wearers carry a tangible piece of their loved ones wherever they go. The emotional impact of custom made ties is evident in the pride with which wearers display them. These custom printed ties become more than just accessories; they become wearable stories that people want to share with others.

Custom print on ties evoke nostalgia, allowing wearers to relive the happiness and warmth of the moments captured in the photographs. Nostalgia can evoke positive emotions and feelings of contentment, making these print on demand ties more than just pieces of fabric; they become emotional anchors. The emotional impact of personalised photo ties lies in their uniqueness and sentimentality.


If you are planning to place a bulk order with us, please contact the customer service team for all the information about the wholesale discount we can offer you.

Important information

Though we know the back of your tie isn't visible when it is being worn, due to popular demand we offer the option to add print on the back of the tie. The white seam is naturally visible down the centre of the back of the tie (see photo gallery) and does not impact the overall quality of the product. This tie does not have a keeper loop to slide the tail of your custom tie through, it is self-tipping.

We use a heat-press process to infuse the water-based inks deeps into the fibres of the fabric. This creates a long-lasting print without altering the texture of the silk like material. 

Personalised for him

Make your own printed personalised tie or necktie with a personal touch and give as a gift to someone special. Enjoy a creative experience with us and make personalised ties for a special event for that added touch of magic. This is a great personal gift for a man, husband or father. These neckties are made in England with excellent print techniques. Enjoy keeping manufacturing in the UK and make someone happy at the same time with your personal gift tie.

The great thing about this promotional ties service is they can be used for all sorts of things, you can even make club ties, event ties and corporate ties, you can even add a face on there or many faces. So if you need a bespoke club tie or one-off event ties then our on-demand service is perfect for you. You can make country flag customised ties or witty wordy ties, keep calm or just personal photo ties. Promotional company ties are popular too so try and design unique ties online with a picture or logo. It's easy and fun.

Design your tie and have it printed to order. Be original and create custom ties printed with your images, text, motif, logo or art. Design a neck-tie for Dad, for work, your club, or just for fun. Company ties and men's personalised neckties you design online, now with a five-year guarantee. Design your tie online with photo, text or logo. We print the entire length of the tie and both sides too. Choose from two styles; skinny or wide

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