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Lycra Printing

Printing on Lycra Fabric

from £14.50

We have various fabrics to customise, and you can now even print on Lycra. Our custom Lycra and Scuba range is stretchy, making it ideal for everything from custom leggings, spandex body suit costumes, to cycling shorts. Printing on Lycra fabric results in strong and durable textiles which hold print and colour beautifully.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • Pay after delivery

  • UK delivery: £4.99

  • Quantity discount

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  • Design your scuba or lycra fabric
  • Design cosplay body suit
  • Printed in London, ready in 1 - 2 days
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    Order a Swatchpack

    3” printed squares of our entire fabric range, to see and feel the quality.

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    Fabric print sample and colour chart Order a sample

    Order a sample of your design, or choose our pre-designed colour charts.

    Print fabric sample

    We offer a range of different Lycra fabrics, which all have different weights and properties.

    The things that they all have in common is an extremely high elasticity, a soft-touch and a smooth face.  Brilliant for crafting, clothing and dressmaking, as well as bags and accessories this versatile printed Lycra fabric is ideal for your next project. Thanks to it's extremely fast-drying properties, Lycra is also great for swim wear. 
    • Print Lycra with your own custom design
    • Great for use in clothing and dressmaking
    • Printed Lycra fabric offers great detailing
    • Bold colours are great for Lycra printing
    • Print on Lycra with your photos and text
    • Custom printed Lycra fabric in bespoke sizes
    • Spandex printing in UK studio to order

    Lycra & Scuba Fabrics

    Choose the right stretchy Lycra for your sewing project.

    • Lycra Matt

      Lycra Matt

      • Max Print:
      • Weight:
      • Roll Width:

      Soft, Elastic, Matt, Opaque, Woven. 4 way Matt finish. Ideal for dresses, hot pants, bodysuits, leggings.

    • Lycra Soft Sheen

      Lycra Soft Sheen

      • Max Print:
      • Weight:
      • Roll Width:

      Soft, Shiny, Woven. 4 way stretch, shimmer faced. Ideal for dresses, contour T's, clothing, leggings.

    • Lycra Heavy Matt

      Lycra Heavy Matt

      • Max Print:
      • Weight:
      • Roll Width:

      Thick stretchy power Lycra, similar to cycle shorts or compression fabric. Good sporty feel.

    • Scuba


      • Max Print:
      • Weight:
      • Roll Width:

      Thick heavyweight knit with good stretch and nice drape. Bodycon dresses & home furnishings.

    • Slinky Lycra Matt

      Slinky Lycra Matt

      • Max Print:
      • Weight:
      • Roll Width:

      Medium weight, soft, 4-way stretch, slinky and smooth. Fantastic for leggings, swimwear, sportswear.

    What is Lycra Fabric?

    Lycra, or Spandex is a synthetic material which has an exceptional amount of stretch. Invented in 1968, and introduced in 1962, it has drastically impacted a lot of the clothing market. Spandex is actually an anagram of the word expands, which is exactly what this amazing material is known for. Lycra has a great number of uses from wrestling and gymnastics apparel, to sports wear, leggings, skirts, underwear and swimsuits. Lycra is also widely used in compression garments, and for cosplay. 

    How Printing on Lycra Fabric is Done

    We use digital printing methods that are done with environmentally friendly inks to create a permanently bonded, full colour print onto your chosen fabric. Custom Lycra fabric printing can be finished in a number of ways. From having it sent exactly as it comes from the printer to cut on the line with the white edging removed. Should you prefer you can even opt to have your custom printed Lycra fabric hemmed, using black or white thread and an overlock stitch. 

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