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Personalised Canvas Prints

Design beautiful personalised canvas prints turn plain walls in your home into beautiful feature walls in an instant. You could even design your own canvas to give as a gift to someone special who could do with some interior design TLC. Use your photos and images to create a stunning montage, or those wide-angle panoramic shots to make a multi-panel canvas print. You can even add text to either the front or back of your canvas; perfect for a family motto, or a personal message. 

Design your own canvas

Our personalised pictures and canvas gifts are offered in a multitude of sizes. Whether you're looking for large canvas art prints or custom size canvas pictures personalised with your unique designs, you can be sure you'll be able to find something that perfectly suits your needs. Photos make for a gorgeous feature for your home, brightening whichever room they're placed in. We build the frame by hand to order, so when we say 'custom size', we really mean it. Pick your dimensions and fill any space, small or large, and you have the power to truly design your own canvas - right down to the details. You can print your own canvas to complement your interior design, or be bold and choose contrasting colours for a contemporary look. 

Our range of personalised canvas pictures is extensive, giving you creative freedom to express yourself and create the living environment of your dreams. From ordinary squares to quirky triptych style, there's a variety of personalised canvas to suit anybody. Canvas photo gifts are a wonderfully traditional way to display happy memories. 

Expertly Crafted

We offer photo canvas prints in custom sizes, from as small as 20.5 cm square, up to a rectangular print of 3 m by 1.5 m. The frames are hand built from FSC certified pinewood, you really can choose any size you like. We print your photos, images and text onto a woven canvas fabric, using environmentally friendly inks that produce a high-quality, long-lasting print. Your canvas print is then hand stretched over the frame. We are so confident in the quality of our craftsmanship that we offer a lifetime guarantee with all of our canvasses. With 3 for 2 offers on such a large amount of our range, make the most of our UK made high-quality canvas prints.

Wrap Options

With a choice of different wraps, depending on the size and type of personalised canvas print you choose, our system will always make sure that you get the best available options. This means that if the size or shape canvas print you have chosen is not compatible with a specific type of wrap, our clever online design tool won't offer you that option - a great way to ensure your custom prints are of the highest possible quality. 

If you cannot see any choice for wrap options, it means that the only compatible type would be mirrored. What this does is simply mirrors the edging of your images so that you have colour and consistency around the edges (think of Salvador Dali's painting of 'Swans Reflecting Elephants') which gives your personalised canvas a beautiful finish.

Design Tips

Remember when creating a montage, the more images you use, the smaller they will appear. This can cause some finer details to not be as clear as you'd like. To give you the best possible results, our online design tool will give you a recommendation of the optimal number of images to use when you are selecting which photos you want. The number here will vary dependant on the size you have selected to print your own canvas. This is only a guideline, and you are welcome to use more, however, please bear in mind that the more you add, the smaller and less clear they will be. 

Don't forget that not only can you add images, but you can add text as well. Both on the front of your design - in combination with your photos - but also on the back, which works fantastically for sending a personal message.