• Position a design on a folded label?

    You can position your designs on your fabric labels as you wish however here are a few words of caution:

    • The design interface shows dashed lines on all labels. They are representing where you normally stitch your label onto your garnment. These are only indicative to help you place your designs and match your needs.
    • In the case of a folded label, once you click on "Preview and Buy" the interface will show you the back and the front of your label as well as the dashed stitching lines. Make sure to double check your design is placed and potentially rotated in case this is of importance.
    • Tip: print your design or cut a piece of paper the size of your label and fold it to make sure the design interface and your prototype look the way you need
    If there is any text on your label, keep in mind that the online preview looks bigger than the end result. Check the ruler at the top and left of the design interface and make sure to keep your text big enough. Printing on fabric will always look slightly different than on screen or paper.

    See above an example of the design interface (Front and Back) / Preview / finished product. Please note the way the design has been rotated by our customer in this case:

    1. Front of the Label (after selecting the size / Folded or not / Quantity in the "Product Options" tab
    2. Back of the label
    3. Preview after clicking on "Preview and Buy"
    4. Finished Label : Front / Back / Unfolded

    We hope this helps!

    Your Bags Of Love Team

  • Examples of Labels' Do's and Don't's

    Keep your label design clean and bold

    Do not use font sizes under 10pt. 
    Do not use lightweight or fine fonts
    Keep in mind the label size you are producing
    Small labels only have room for a logo. 
    For care labels with lots of instruction text choose one of our larger labels. To get the best labels here are some tips!

  • Stitching Patterns

    Due to our maximum print width of 1.5m, larger duvet covers or bed sheets will need to be printed in separate panels and stitched together by our team of in-house experts. Every design or photo is different, so we have devised 4 different stitch patterns you can select. Please choose the one that best suits the composition of your image.

    Please bear in mind that when joining the pieces, there may be some margin of mismatch or loss of image across the seams. We do everything possible to minimise this. If uploading images of people or adding text, try to avoid important details like faces crossing the seam lines, as these will be difficult to align accurately.

  • Create a Luggage Tag or Keyring

  • Install your Clock mechanism

    You should be able to install your clock mechanism and hands easily enough with the card provided in yoru package however if you run into trouble or the card is missing, please follow these instructions

    1. Content: Mechanism / small hand / middle hand and long hand / one battery

    2. Peel the plastic film of all the hands (if there is plastic on it)

    3. Add the small hand, black side upwards

    4. Add the middle hand, black side upwards

    5. Add the long hand, black side upwards

    6. Ensure hands are not touching (delicately correct with your finger if so)

    7. Add the battery at the end

  • Photo Glass: screw the metal pins

    1. Take the two metal pins
    2. Unscrew the top part
    3. If the screw is not long enough:
      1. Unscrew with your hand
      2. If the screw is too tightly screwed in: use a size 2  Allen Key to unscrew (not provided)
    4. Insert the metal pins into the designated holes on the photo glass and screw them in
    5. Your Photo Glass is ready.

    We hope this helps.
    Your Bags Of Love Team

  • Fabric : Neoprene 3.5mm

    Please note that High contrast graphics eg black text on a light background, will cause problems on our 3.5 neoprene.

    Large areas of solid colour will also not print well. The best artwork for neoprene are patterns of low contrasting colours with no large areas of solid colour.

    More information on our Neoprene and to start designing your own Neoprene, please click here

    We hope this helps
    your Bags Of Love team

  • Cushion cover & inner pad size (fit # fill)

    We Make Big 50cm and Medium 40cm square cushions covers which can fit inner pads 60cm and 45cm (to nicely fill the whole cover).

    You can design and buy the full Cushion (cover + inner pad)

    Or you can create and order the Cushion cover only if you prefer.