Custom Printed Neoprene

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Print your designs on neoprene material with no minimum order. It's a rubber sheet printable on one side. We've been printing neoprene and fabricating with it since 2003. No minimum order. If you're looking for a neoprene supplier or printing partner to make your product a reality we make it happen from gaming mats to garments.

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  • Made in UK

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Neoprene Printing In London

  • White jersey faced black neoprene
  • We print flat sheets and panels (not roll)
  • Neoprene thickness can vary from 2 - 3.5mm
  • Printed to order in London for fast delivery
  • Print your own A5 sample

  • Neoprene 3.5mm Thick

    • Max Print:
      1.3 m
    • Weight:
      3200 gsm
    • Roll Width:
      1.3 m

    2 - 3.5mm thick neoprene with black protective lining, ideal for wetsuit, jammers, dog vests, computer sleeves, ipad covers, wine bottle covers and more. Max dimensions are 145 x 130 cm


Print Neoprene Sheet

We have a great stock of neoprene with black reverse and white fabric outer face. This remarkable material is superb for printing and fabricating into bags, accessories, tabletop game mats and garments. We hold a stock of this and print neoprene to order. We can supply blank white unprinted neoprene for your print projects too - please ask. But the greatest use of our service is to have custom printed neoprene to order for you. Our neoprene sheets are 1,45m x 1,3m but you can order small sections printed and cut to order. We can sell neoprene fabric by the yard or metre too so if you need neoprene printed fabric for sale, sheets or rolls we can help. Use chat below to contact us.

Please note that the thickness of the neoprene can vary from 2 - 3.5mm.


Design Your Neoprene Prints Here

Use our system to upload you designs and order the quantity of material you need. It's easy and we are fast. Designers like to make neoprene clothing such as printed skater skirts, and because we supply neoprene printed fabric you design you can make whatever you like. We have some customers making gym or sports jammer shorts, couture jackets and even custom neoprene dog vests. Because we print neoprene fabric for you, so it's exciting for us to know you can make whatever you like with it.


Battle Mats or Games Mat For Wargaming Hobby

If you make your own games and want to custom print your own base we can do that. Create your own scene, setting or arena and we will print it for you in a few days and have it sent fast. From one piece only, so no minimum. Design your own space scene, jungle, desert or city street gaming mat, tailored to your world. Each mat is custom printed to custom size to match your table top. They are perfectly flat, 3mm spongy, durable and silent for moving pieces or throwing dice. Mat finish and light and easy to transport. Roll it up and lay it down in seconds. We send with white border for you to trim to fit your surface. Discount available on multiple games mats.


Known Neoprene Issue For Large Print Areas And Dense Solid Colour

High contrast graphics e.g. black text on a light background, will cause problems on our 3.5mm neoprene. Large areas of solid colour will also not print well. The best artwork for neoprene are patterns of low contrasting colours with no large areas of solid colour.

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