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  • photo canvas

    Canvas Prints

    From £29.00

    Your memorable wedding photo on a stunning Canvas Print

  • custom phone case

    Photo Books

    From £25.00
  • Personalised Bags

    Custom Printed Bags

    From £39.00
  • heart of love cushion

    Love Heart Cushion


  • Photo glass

    Photo Glass


  • jigsaw

    Photo Jigsaw


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  • Hey BOL, A print on canvas was a great idea for a 2nd anniversary gift - thanks for the idea; my husband loved it! I noticed you for your uniqueness. Bags of Love is a great site for unusual stuff..... much more interesting way to do things.
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  • I was very happy with the quality of the finished product, the site is very well organised and easy to use, and delivery was really quick. Very pleased overall.
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  • Massively impressed! I ordered a laptop bag yesterday lunch time for my husband;s birthday it;s just arrived today (less than 24 hours after ordering!) In an age where you come to expect disappointing service it is so refreshing to encounter this kind of turn around. The bag is gorgeous too, looks exactly as it did on the screen with a fab quality to the finish. For a man who never wants anything and is impossible to buy for this is the perfect present. I will be making a subtle request for a personalised handbag when it comes to my birthday(!)
    Rated 5 / 5 stars - by
  • Absolutely first class service. Order placed At lunchtime and I had it delivered to my door By lunchtime the very next day. Thanks a lot! Really impressed. Good quality Product.
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  • I made a mistake with my original order but the staff were really helpful to help sort this out. They instructed me as to what I needed to do and gave me a no quibble refund for my first incorrect order. Just looking forward to receiving my order now to see how its turned out!
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Wedding anniversary gifts with Bags of Love that will delight your other half. Make special and unique anniversary gifts online with your very own photos, designs, and/or text.

Giving unique anniversary presents is a fun and a creative way to treat your husband or wife to something extra special on this wonderful day. All you need to do is to select a photo you love and we do the rest! In fact, if you have loads of photos and cannot simply pick just one, then why not create a photo montage online that can be printed onto a wide range of our products? Either you can create your own montage, go for a random montage, or have one of our designers custom create a montage on your behalf! Explore our options for anniversary gifts and you are sure to find something to make your wedding anniversary fun and memorable forever.

Anniversary presents are very special messages of love. Sometimes what we want to say, or what we think and feel, cannot be expressed in words, and so gifts are another great way of showing your sweetheart what he or she means to you.  Celebrate a special anniversary year, whether it is a Silver Anniversary, Ruby Anniversary, Golden Anniversary, Diamond Anniversary, Tenth Anniversary or even a First Anniversary. In fact, every anniversary is special because it is another year spent with your other half, and that in itself is something worthy of celebration.

Select one of our many wedding anniversary presents, upload the photo and we will turn it into your own unique anniversary gift. Over the years (or year, if this is your first anniversary!), you will have collected an assortment of photos from so many different times and places. They could have been of holidays, days out to the seaside, walks in the park, visiting relatives, or just relaxing at home. Often we don't think about taking a photo when we are experiencing a moment of pure happiness or contentment with our husbands and wives, but if you were lucky enough to take a picture of that beautiful instant, it is definitely worth displaying. Have fun as you scroll through all the photos you have taken or have been taken of you with your other half, and select either the best one or a selection of your favourites to be placed onto a canvas, a personalised apron, or a set of photo coasters

4th Wedding Anniversary

4th anniversary bed linen gift

What is the 4th wedding anniversary theme? Linen or cloth bedding for the 4th anniversary present

Not too many people talk about the 4th anniversary, because it is not a particularly round number like 10 or 25 or 50. However, with linen or cloth is its theme, there are plenty of opportunities for you to surprise and impress your other half with a beautiful selection of personalised gifts that you can design online. Here at Bags of Love we really excel in making bed linen with our personalised bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers for 4th anniversary gifts. Designer bed linen is one of our specialities and it's perfect for 4th wedding anniversary ideas. Make a matching pair of pillow cases for a simple wedding anniversary gift idea or go the whole hog with pillow cases, sheets and a duvet cover. A popular idea is to have one pillowcase saying 'Mr.' and another saying 'Mrs.' that you can place next to each other for a really lovely effect. Use your imagination to come up with something unique for you and your other half. You could design a beautiful set of sheets customised with your favourite photo or photos, or, as a unique present in itself, just make the personalised bed linen duvet cover. 

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Anniversary

7th 8th 9th Anniversary Gifts

Copper, Bronze, and Pottery Anniversary

We don't have anniversary gifts made of copper (we don't think that copper photo cushions would be particularly comfortable), but we can print your photos on many other materials to make unusual gifts. For a special anniversary, special gifts are the order of the day, and a blanket or a canvas print with a montage of wedding photos will make a unique anniversary gift. We can also produce a visually dramatic bronze sepia effect on canvas prints with your photos on canvas so you can bring wedding photos into the copper anniversary gift theme.  Anniversary products are original, creative, and thoughtful, your other half is sure to appreciate them. Impress and surprise her with your photography and artistic skills by making a fabulous personalised present just for her.

55th, 60th, and 65th Anniversary

55th 60th and 65th Anniversary Gifts

Emerald, Diamond, and Star Sapphire Anniversary

Emerald green photo albums are also very popular, as the "This Is Your Life Anniversary Book" most unquestionably shows. Diamonds or sapphire can be printed on many other materials to make unusual anniversary presents for this special wedding year. You could create a border with these effects and colours to give a professional, spectacular impression, or you could add graphics of stars and diamonds to your images to show how important your other half is to you. An example could be a blanket or a canvas print with a montage of wedding photos with diamonds and sapphire gems pictured into the image to make an attractive design. Right now, you are probably thinking of ways to incorporate emeralds, diamonds, or stars as themes or motifs in your canvas prints or other products. So, why not contact us to see if they are viable options for wedding anniversary products? 

70th 75th 80th and 90th Anniversary

70th 75th 80th and 90th Anniversary Gifts

Platinum, Diamond, Oak, and Granite Anniversary

Wow - 70, 75, 80, or 90 years of marriage. These are really special anniversaries and deserve only special anniversary presents. Platinum and diamond are beautiful materials, and you can make your anniversary gifts especially shiny and sparkling with cool effects like custom portrait and Pop Art Warhol. For the 80th and 90th anniversaries, though, the theme seems to change somewhat. After platinum and diamond, two very expensive materials, we proceed to oak and granite, more readily available and seemingly less remarkable. However, oak symbolises strength and robustness in marriage, and if a couple has been together for 80 years, then I think you'll agree that this is quite an incredible achievement. If so, one of our wooden gift ideas such as our jigsaw puzzles or canvas prints with wooden frames would be a great option for anniversary gift ideas. Granite is often used for kitchen tiles and floor tiles, so you could go for a lovely canvas print or set of mini canvas prints for the kitchen, or alternatively a personalised apron for your other half! Choose from our wide selection of products and personalise them to make really unique gifts for anniversaries.

Anniversary Presents Vouchers

anniversary gift vouchers

Anniversary gift vouchers same day next day now

If you know someone's anniversary is coming up and you are having trouble finding the right idea, we can help. Gift vouchers are not a cop out because they allow the couple to get a present they will truly adore, and all because you gave them the freedom to design at will. And if you need something fast for an anniversary gift then our anniversary gift vouchers will do the trick. We make and send same day and, if that is not fast enough and the anniversary is actually today (!), then we can even send you the vouchers by email that you can print off yourself. Yup, all bases are covered with Bags of Love, so there is no need to fret! We are here to help every step of the way with your anniversary gifts, and we will offer advice to the couple should they need it to ensure that the anniversary items that they choose are extra special. 

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

wedding anniversary gifts

Wedding anniversary gifts of love and celebration

One of the joys of making beautiful wedding anniversary products is knowing they mean something really special. You will really enjoy the process, starting with choosing the photo, progressing to designing the effects and text online, and ending with the final reaction of your other half! Poring through your photos from over the years is a very rewarding activity that will assert your feelings for him or her, and at the end of the creative route she will appreciate every single ounce of effort. When it comes to wedding anniversary, we are leaders in giving you the opportunity to make loving and deeply personal wedding anniversary suprise. Designing and creating your very own personalised presents is infinitely better than shop-bought items. When you love someone, and your love grows stronger with the years, you can show how much you love them with innovative wedding gifts ideas. Make something truly unforgettable that he or she will absolutely adore. If you are not known for your gift-buying expertise, this is your opportunity to give your other half a truly wonderful present, and if he or she has generally been impressed with your gifts in the past, why not surprise her with something extra special? Every one of our wedding anniversary gifts is made by hand with love, and we create the products just the way you want because we know how much it means to you.