2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Cotton

Explore our range of unique 2nd wedding anniversary gifts to show your spouse how much you care. Cotton anniversary gifts for him or her are beautifully handmade and last a lifetime. 

Personalised Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Design your own cotton anniversary gifts to celebrate 2 exciting years of marriage together. Versatile, soft and surprisingly tough, cotton symbolises the need for the relationship to remain strong and adapt to changes. Celebrate this sentiment with personalised second year anniversary gifts, printed with your photos and heartfelt words. Of course, it's important to show your love every single day, but your two-year milestone is an excuse to go all out and completely surprise your husband or wife.

If you're struggling to find the right gift that perfectly embodies how you feel about your spouse, here's some inspiration for you own cotton-based personalised photo gifts.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him

Cotton handkerchief

An understated but sophisticated present for your husband, the custom handkerchief is a unique keepsake. Used as a decorative pocket square or kept in his coat to catch those random sneezes, this is something he can have on him at all times and be reminded of you, his loving partner. When you think about it, handkerchiefs are designed to be a reliable accessory that won't let you down if you need to blow your nose or wipe your brow. By giving him this gift, you're letting him know that you'll always be there, even during times that aren't particularly appealing. Printed with your favourite picture from the wedding, or perhaps a fond memory that happened during these past 2 years, it's a simple but effective 2nd wedding anniversary gift.

Cotton Canvas Print

This beautiful canvas print will make a neat addition to your husband's office. All work spaces should inspire and motivate good energy, so a picture on the wall reminding him of your most treasured moment is sure to lift his spirits. Rather than your average photo frame you can find on any high street, this is sure to be a talking point between clients or other coworkers. Cotton canvas is printed with your romantic memory and hand stretched over a responsibly sourced wooden frame, resulting in a striking cotton anniversary gift idea.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Her

Tea towel

Cotton by nature is soft, pure and natural, so it makes for a fitting gift for your wife of 2 years. Treat her to a beautiful cotton tea towel that can be hung with pride in the kitchen. After receiving it, she might feel like returning the gesture and cook a romantic meal to celebrate two years together. One way to make it extra special is to print a photo collage, choosing your best snaps from married life. As you continue to cook together and make more memories in the kitchen with friends and family, the tea towel will always be there as a reminder of your early years in marriage.


The bedroom is somewhere you and your wife probably spend a lot of time together...sleeping, of course. Design a set of soft, breathable pillowcases and let her have the sweetest dreams each nice. Printed with photos from the wedding, a poem that expresses your love or the lyrics from your first dance song, this level of romance is highly likely to earn you some brownie points, and you might spend even longer in the bedroom on your wedding anniversary night because of it!

Be inspired by these 2nd wedding anniversary gifts and design your own to perfectly express the love you have for your spouse.