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Forgot an Anniversary? 15 Questions, Quotes & Excuses We’ve All Heard Before

forgot anniversary

So there you are, waking up on your anniversary, super-excited about the fact that you’re celebrating another trip around the sun with the boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife of your dreams. But, hang on, there has been no mention at all of the important date. Wait, what could this mean? Is everything from this moment doomed? Don’t know what to expect or how to handle the “I forgot anniversary dates…again” excuses?

your love is doomed nanette

Good news, it’s not. But, you can often find that this leaves you asking a number of questions, which you will perpetually only ever ask in your own head. So fret not, we have done the research for you and found out the answers to all of those questions that are niggling away at you because your wife or husband forgets your anniversary….again.

Things to Ask Yourself about Forgotten Anniversaries

It’s not even been a week!

So, husband forgot anniversary equals straight to the doghouse for him, buuuuut, is this an actual anniversary? Like for a feasible amount of time? Are you being realistic first and foremost because let’s be fair, we’re not in high school anymore and you might just need to cut him some slack!

only been two days

The first date? The Facebook anniversary? Just when!?

Which anniversary are you expecting to be remembered here? We completely understand that people celebrate anniversaries other than weddings here, but is it the day first spoke? The day you first met? Your first date? The day you sat down and said yeah let’s do this? Is it possible that he is waiting for a different date to celebrate? If it’s your husband or wife, it could be the day they proposed, the wedding day, there are just too many possibilities.

forgot anniversary remembered wrong date

You’re just so ungrateful!

This one can be a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, but is there any chance that sometimes you may have come across as, I dunno, difficult to please? Is there any chance that he’s worried that no matter what he does it’s just not going to please you?

forgot anniversary dont want flowers

Don’t like making a fuss?

Have you given your other half the impression that this whole romance thing is just not your cup of tea? If you ask for the bucket every time you see anything a little soppy, then it’s entirely possible that they didn’t even realise that it was a big deal to you.

thought you didnt want to

That is 100% not me, so now what?

There could be a number of other reasons why your partner, wife or husband forgets anniversary dates or celebrations. Sometimes there is a super easy explanation, and sometimes they’ll sink back to their schoolkid days and offer you a whole array of excuses.

The ‘I Forgot Anniversary’ Quotes and Excuses Collection

“But babbbbeeeee, you know I am not the romantic type!”

not a romantic

“It’s not my fault, I was abducted”

forgot anniversary I was abducted

“I got you something, but the dog ate it!”

a dog ate your present

“I didn’t realise that was today!”

forgot anniversary thought it was next week

“But you literally just had a birthday!”

forgot anniversary remembered birthday

“Honey, I didn’t get a reminder”

forgot anniversary no reminder

“I didn’t know what to get you – You didn’t give me any good ideas”

no suggestions didnt forget

“I remembered last year, it’s your turn to remember this year!”

remembered last year

“But sweets, I thought we were past all that nonsense now?”

forgot anniversary we are past that

“There has been so much other stuff going on babe, I just forgot.”

we just had a baby

Okay, so, what’s the actual deal here with a forgotten anniversary?

Well, there are a couple of things here that could be at play. If it’s that your boyfriend or husband forgot anniversary time, then research shows that men are just not as good at remembering things than women are. This is something that we women just need to get a little bit used to. If it was your girlfriend or wife, it could just be that she didn’t realise that it was such a big deal to you. My brother has, on more than one occasion referred to me as ‘a sentimental fart’, some people are just more nostalgic (or…gushy) than others.

forgot anniversary suddenly stupid

And then, of course, there is always the possibility that they genuinely just…y’know…forgot.

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