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Unique Anniversary Gifts – Bespoke Personalised Gifts

unique anniversary gifts

Finding the perfect anniversary gift can be a bit daunting and repetitive after a few years. That is why it is important to find something unique. Check out some of these suggestions for unique anniversary gifts! We think they will love it.

Gifts For Her

Handbags and purses are an essential accessory that you can never have too many of. We have a huge range at Bags of Love, and they will definitely love our premium leather bags. Treat them to our bespoke evening bags personalised by you. A gift that holds their own pictures adds a truly beautiful touch to an already beautifully handcrafted item. Handmade in the UK by our expert leather workers, creating a truly luxurious handbag.

Gifts For Him

A unique anniversary gift for your male partner is a personalised men’s wash bag. It can be used in the bathroom for storage of his toiletries, on holiday, or if he is particularly athletic, in the gym or after football matches.

Personalise it with his favourite photo from childhood or use a picture from your wedding. The choice is all yours. He’ll treasure this gift since you personalised it just for him, using some of his favourite memories.

Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

There is always that one person in your life that is impossible to buy for. But this is even worse when it is your partner who you are purchasing for because there is that added pressure. But don’t panic we have the perfect foolproof option. Personalised gifts are a great option for those who are extremely tricky to buy for. Our favourite unique gift is personalised socks. Who says socks have to be boring. Display your favourite photos on cosy socks for them to wear every day. The perfect way to spice up any boring outfit.

Check out our post on gifts for the man who has everything and gifts for the woman who has everything for more inspiration!

Book of Love For The One You Adore

The Book of Love makes for a unique anniversary gift. Fill your Book of Love with your favourite love quotations and photos of you together. You can choose 12 photos to put into your Book of Love to put on the left page and your personal accompanying text on the right. In about ten minutes, you can have your Book of Love uploaded to our website and designed for your special someone.

Don’t be afraid to be sentimental! Show your appreciation of your relationship with the unique anniversary gift of a Book of Love.

For Trips Down Memory Lane

A personalised photo album or photo book is a perfect way to store pictures in an elegant way that you can pull out and remember the special day anytime. In the digital age having physical photos is appreciated as it means you are more likely to relive all those happy memories every time you flick through.

Photo albums and photo books make for great coffee table displays with a bit of heart. No more impersonal books, simply design a photo album to match your décor and fill with your beautiful memories.

Unique Anniversary Gifts For A New Home

Whether you have just moved into a new home together, or you want to create a more homely feel, personalised photo placemats and coasters make for the perfect gift. It is a great way to remember your wedding day every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Personalised Box of Love

Perfect for anniversary gifts we’ve created a personalised box of love. Simply create a beautiful design full of your favourite photos and then fill it with tokens from your relationship.

These boxes create the perfect place to store all your love letters, notes, pictures, and tickets. A sentimental gift that will touch their heart. Personalised boxes create a gift that will last as they can add to it as the years go by.

To add that extra bit of romance to the photo box why not create a design in the shape of a heart? Write a sweet message about how much you love them or display the grand day in which all of this started. The perfect way to honour your anniversary!

Bolster Cushions

The history of the bolster cushions dates back to ancient Asia. Back then it had a slightly different purpose than it has today. Today they are filled with soft materials and have decorative covers but in ancient Asia the bolster cushions could be made out of bamboo which a wife would make for her husband when he would travel – so that he could hug the bolster cushion and not be lonely at night. Wedding anniversary gifts today are not needed for the same purpose but it is a pretty funny anecdote for a married couple!

Tablecloths And Napkins

If you want to give the couple home gifts for the kitchen/dining room opt for personalised tablecloths and napkins. You can add photos from the wedding day, graphics and personalised text. Why not go for a matching set of a tablecloth and napkins with the couple’s name printed all over the items or the date and location of their wedding day? Or for super emotional anniversary gifts add photos.

Personalised Bedding as Anniversary Gifts

A married couple will appreciate designer bedding gifts as they will help improve their bedroom decor. These anniversary gifts can be fun, elegant or emotional but they will all be unique. The tone of the anniversary gifts all depends on what you choose to personalise the designer bedding items with.

You can use quirky photos of the married couple or Mr and Mrs text for fun anniversary gifts, black and white photos from the wedding day for elegant designer bedding gifts or add personal messages to the gifts to make them emotional.

Photo Cubes

Photo cubes for your home is another great way to put the pictures on display. By having six photos printed with outstanding quality on six sides of the cube, the couple can enjoy wedding photos from every angle anywhere in the house!

Jigsaws As Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Since wood is the 5th-anniversary theme you can come up with a very unique wedding gift idea: a wooden jigsaw puzzle with your favourite photo and, if you wish, you can also add a personal message. A jigsaw puzzle is a great memento as an anniversary gift. Unique and a fun activity for you both to do.

Anniversary Cards

Make your partner or the happy couple their very own photo anniversary card. The card will complement anniversary gifts and by using photos from their big day, the cards will be completely personalised to them. Now you will never have to search through the generic cards at the shops, that you can not help but cringe at.

Plan A Party

Planning an anniversary party is never an easy job but Bags of Love can help with providing personalised custom banners and a host of personalised anniversary gifts to make your anniversary party a real treat. Create personalised celebration bunting to decorate for a wedding anniversary party and the happy couple will not only have an amazing party decoration but also a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Click the banner to create your very own unique anniversary gifts today!

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