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3rd Anniversary Gifts For Women

Black and white wedding photo on a black make up bag

Luxurious Leather Gifts

Leather happens to be the 3rd anniversary theme and what is more luxurious than leather bags as 3rd anniversary gifts? When you need 3rd anniversary gifts for women – a friend, family member or your own wife – leather goods is the one and only choice. Leather gifts will last a lifetime and can be used for so many different occasions. Spoil your wife with Italian leather bags on your 3rd anniversary this year and the marriage might even outlast the bags! Make up bags are all-round leather bags which are perfect as 3rd anniversary gifts for women.

Make up bags

These little leather gems are fantastic gift ideas for women any time of the year but even more so for an upcoming anniversary. Add flattering wedding photos to the make up bags to make the make up bags statement pieces. She can use the make up bags throughout the day with pride knowing her and her husband are displayed on it. The make up bags are flexible yet roomy enough for her cosmetics and to keep in her handbag.

Wash bags

Equally stunning as the make up bags, these slightly larger wash bags make perfect 3rd anniversary gifts for the missus. The wash bags feature additional benefits such as the waterproof inner-lining. These leather bags are ideal for trips to the gym, SPA and for going away on holidays. They also make great good consistent storage bags in the bathroom. Again, add a flattering wedding photo or several in a photo montage.

Hold All Bags

Roomy and sturdy hold all bags is a great companion for women. When women need to carry heavier items on a daily basis or for weekends away they need leather bags which will hold more without risking the bag’s structure. Leather hold all bags are ideal 3rd anniversary gifts for women who commute daily with many items. A photo montage will do very well on this size of bags.

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