Personalised Engagement Gifts

Help the happy couple celebrate their engagement with a special, handmade personalised gift. Rather than c...

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Handmade Personalised Engagement Gifts 

Each of our personalised engagement presents is handmade to order, so it's as unique and special as the couple and features an exquisite print that lasts a lifetime. From joint gifts to individual treats, design something that takes 'congratulations' to the next level and perfectly reflects the love the couple have for each other.  

Personalised Engagement Gifts for the Bride-to-Be 

Let's be honest, the bride-to-be is the star of the show, so she deserves a little more attention. Help her celebrate the start of this new journey towards marriage with a bespoke gift just for her.  

Gift ideas

  • Money Pot 
  • Journal 
  • Kimono 
  • Tealight Holders 

Design tips 

Wedding Dress Fund 

Well, this could also be wedding shoe fund, hen-do fund or even honeymoon fund if you really want to look towards the future. The ceramic money pot is a traditional gift with a unique twist, printed in vibrant full colour with your designs or message. As the future Mrs goes into full Bridezilla mode, pennies will be pinched left, right and centre and a girl's handbag is already heavy enough without a hoard of coins.  

The Bridezilla Book of Wedding Plans 

Every imminent bride needs somewhere to jot down ideas, plan timelines or simply store any aggressive thoughts they might be having regarding the table centrepiece arrangements. Design a personalised wedding planning journal that can be a safe place to write down anything from supplier prices to how awful the maid of honour's ideas are.  

Engagement Gifts for the Groom-to-Be 

Treat the man of the hour to a memorable engagement gift, designed just for him. He might feel like he's already got the best gift ever (a girl saying 'yes' to him), but an extra little something won't hurt.  

Gift ideas

  • Boxers 
  • Hipflask 
  • Wallet 
  • Slippers 

Design tips 

Ball & Chain Boxers 

Ah, the old Ball and Chain gag. Classic. But if your brother, cousin or best mate is set to tie the knot, they have to expect a bit of laddish banter. I'm pretty sure your imagination can work out how a ball and chain design could look on a pair of customised boxers... 

Wedding Fund Wallet 

As a cheeky nod towards stereotypes, why not design a wallet with a funny quote about how the groom's wallet is funding the wedding? You could print something along the lines of 'This Wallet Is Funding Her Wedding' or 'I Asked Her to Marry Me, Now I'm Paying for It'. 

His & Hers / Hers & Hers / His & His Engagement Gifts 

Double the fun with a specialist couples engagement gift, the ideal choice for those love birds who are totally in sync. As they plan to share a life together, it only makes sense that you set them up for success with a gift made for sharing.  

Gift ideas

  • Clock 
  • Cushions 
  • Towels 
  • Toothbrush Holder 
  • Wine Cooler 
  • Chopping Board 
  • Diptych Canvas 

Design tips 

About Time Clock 

This is particularly apt for those couples where popping the question has seriously been a long time coming. When you heard the news, you might have actually felt relief that the wait is over, despite not being involved in the relationship whatsoever. Commemorate this moment with a clock, printed with a photo of the happy pair and a message exclaiming "About Time!", with the date of the engagement.  

Reason to Smile Toothbrush Holder 

At the beginning of any blossoming relationship, brushing your teeth together can be a romantic, cute activity. Sweeten up these morning and evening moments with a personalised toothbrush holder that reminds them of the number one reason to keep their gnashers pearly and white: each other.  

Engagement Accessories 

Aside from the main things to organise such as venue, dress and wedding band, there's also the small extra touches to think about. In light of your recent engagement, design your own engagement stationery invites and accessories and get the show on the road.   

Gift ideas

  • Postcards 
  • Guest Book 
  • Memory Photo Box 
  • Napkins 
  • Bunting 

Design tips

Save the Date Postcards 

What's a wedding without guests? Send out your personalised Save the Date postcards and start spreading the word about the new wedding of the century. Go for a classic typography design that oozes elegance, or surprises potential guests with a humorous photo that'll have them guessing the theme. Personalised save the date cards are a wedding tradition with a twist. 

Guest's Prediction Book 

When you host your engagement party, make sure you leave a guest book for everyone to sign. However, rather than this just being a generic 'all the best for the wedding' type guest book, you can ask people to leave predictions about the big day. When will it be? What type of dress will the bride wear? At what time will the groom be drunk? You can look back and offer out prizes to those who guessed most accurately.