Personalised Clocks

Our personalised clocks come in a range of shapes with different interface options, allowing you to create wall clocks personalised with designs to complement your décor.

Personalised clocks

Transform the humble clock into an impressive feature piece and design your own personalised wall clocks for the home. Available in either square, rectangular or round and with various design and colour options for the dial and hands, you can customise them with your dream designs. They look gorgeous printed with a distressed photo to give that vintage feel, or if your taste in style leans to the more contemporary, create a personalised clock with a vibrant design exploding with colour. 

  • Choice of shape for your clock
  • Personalise with photos and text
  • Five dial styles to choose from
  • Colour options for clock hands
  • Runs on standard size AA batteries
  • Minute, hour and second hands
  • Battery and fixings included
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Made to order

Keep it educational

As a fun way to help little ones learn how to tell the time, design personalised children's clocks for the bedroom. Printed with their favourite animals, cartoon characters or a family photo, you can encourage them to tell the time in different ways, i.e. '15 minutes past' and 'quarter past'. 

Counting the seconds

All of our clocks come with three hands - an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand. That means not only can you check and see what time it is, you can also count down the seconds for precise timing. Perfect for the kitchen when you're boiling an egg, as well as for when your little monsters are having a timeout. 

The shape of time

At Bags of Love we know that everyone is different, and so is their style. You can choose whether you want your personalised clocks to be circular or whether you think something more angular is what you need to finish off your decor. We have both square and rectangular varieties too, so you can perfectly match your clock face to your desired design. Choose between Roman numerals, standard digits or an unmarked face, as well as the colour of the lettering and hands. With personalised clocks, you can tailor make all of the details. 

Accent and enhance

A clock doesn't have to just be a timepiece. Make it something more than just a functional object, create personalised clocks to enhance the decor in any room, and create accent features throughout your personal space. Upload your photos, images and even add text to your custom clock, and create something you can display with pride in any room. 

Handmade in London

All of our products are made to order, and personalised clocks are no exception. Everything is done in our UK facility in North West London by experts. We handmake every order using the most up to date printing techniques and responsibly sourced materials. Edge to edge, high-definition digital printing gives outstanding clarity on fine lines and details as well as bright and vivid colour reproduction.  Your prints are long-lasting, with both rub and fade resistance ensuring that your personalised clocks are truly built to stand the test of time.