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    oh yes another beautiful product I am stopped wherever I go when I take out my bag. Naturally, you get all the credit!

    Shelagh From harrow Review Date 11/09/2014
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    The replacement large canvases arrived on time, thank you. The production issues were fixed successfully. You also corrected the strange edging which you believe was caused by my design and the fact that photos were layered onto of each other - thank you.

    Adrian O From Luxembourg Review Date 04/09/2014
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    Brilliant! The bag quality is brilliant and much better than I was expecting and it delivery was very fast. I would not hesitate in ordering more items!

    Tania B From Derby Review Date 02/09/2014
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    I make and design venetian style masks, so had a bit of a lightbulb moment two weeks ago - I decided to montage the photos of my masks onto the handbag, and then it becomes an advertising tool ! I was absolutely over the moon with the result, and I am constantly asked where I got it from. The print quality is faultless, and the leather is the softest. I would say the only 'hiccup' would be the handles. They are not 'comfortable' to hold - more like a dog lead that hasn't been broken in !, and they are too short to have the bag on the shoulder. For a bag this expensive, then the design team really need to upgrade the handles on what is a fabulous bag, but they let it down.

    Linda M From HITCHIN, HERTS Review Date 18/06/2014
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    I have ordered from you before and as always the finish is spectacular. Really pleased with the result again!

    MAUREEN MC From LIVINGSTON..SCOTLAND Review Date 09/04/2014
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    Its was gorgeous handbag, super fast shipping, this is the second bag I order and I loved it, I will be ordering more . Thank you so much and I will give 10 stars.

    Lena From W11 Review Date 18/03/2014
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    Gorgeous bag. Bought as a present and think my sister will be thrilled. There are lots of companies out there but Bags of love are the best!

    Diana H From london Review Date 14/03/2014
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    Georgeous bag - fantastic service

    Anna-Louise C From Bournemouth Review Date 10/02/2014
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    Fast delivery and looks great

    Sarah f From Stafford Review Date 13/12/2013
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    I have the bag it is wrapped and under her tree... I'm hoping my sister will love it as much as I do... I am currently awaiting the key fobs to be delivered to complete the order ... Hopefully tomorrow as it is Xmas eve in a few hours Regards Debra

    Debra From Durham Review Date 23/12/2013