Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Make your loved one's first birthday celebration one that can be treasured for years with these hand selec...

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Special 1st Birthday Presents

A child's 1st birthday is such a special day, that it warrants a gift that is equally as exceptional. This is the first time that little tiny person is celebrating a birthday, and so much has happened in that past year. So much more will happen in the next year, and the ones to come after that. Browse our range of personalised 1st birthday gifts to find the perfect present.

Gifts for Boys & For Girls

Finding a gift to sufficiently mark such a huge milestone, for such a constantly changing individual can be extremely difficult. Choose from our tailor-made selection of special 1st birthday presents, for a personalised present that is as unique as the youngster you're buying for. 

Playtime Gifts

Now they're turning one, your little one will be more focused on the world, and getting up close and personal with new toys, textures sights and sounds. Add something extra special to playtime with our range of personalised mats, toys and books, designed by you to make your little one smile. 

Play Mat

Give your little cherub a personalised experience while they get that all-important tummy time with our custom play mat. Upload photos or designs to make a unique and unforgettable gift. 

Toy Sack

This toy sack is perfect for those day trips out, or the overnight stays with the grandparents. Use a combination of images and text to make the perfect toy sack for those little angels. 

Toy Storage Bag

The toy storage bag will add a personal touch to any playroom, bedroom or nursery. Keep your little one's toys together and in one place to stop accidental trips or stepping on those toys that have been left out.

Wooden Toy Box

For something bigger, or a little more rigid, try the wooden toy box. The hinged lid is upholstered in soft cushioned fabric, doubling up as a bench seat, and the moisture resistant, recycled wood board is sure to withstand cleaning those sticky hand prints off. 

Personalised Board Book

Introduce your young one to their very first page-turner with this 8-page board book. Made from compressed felt backed onto boards, these books are made to withstand play time as well as be child-friendly sensory stimulation.

Personalised Story Book

Create a magical bedtime story featuring the birthday boy or girl as the main character. Throughout the 26 pages you can let your imagination unfold with tales of knights, dinosaurs, princesses or anything you could possibly think up. Alternatively, you could create a story of baby's first year so that they can revisit all those important milestones that they have reached. 

Luxury Photo Book

Design a wonderful photo book for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or godchild recording their first steps, first words and all the wonderful milestones that they have hit throughout their first year. Or maybe you'd rather fill it with photos of your loved one with various family members, and a personal message from each so that they will always have something to look through and realise how loved they are. However, you choose to customise this luxury photo book. you can personalise up to 50 pages as standard (and if that's not enough, you can choose to add more!) displaying numerous pictures on each page. 

Photo Album

Personalise the cover of a photo album, so that your cherished one can (with the help of their parents of course) fill the pages with photos of all their wonderful memories; those that they have made in the first year of their life, as well as those in the years to come. Available in three sizes, with up to 50 pages - that's 100 sides - to put their pictures, this photo album is a gift that can be built upon over time to create a timeless gift that will be held dear forever.

Photo Cube

This photo cube is a great 1st birthday gift idea. Using 6 of your favourite pictures you can create a foam-filled cube, with a firm filling covered in printed fabric. These tactile cubes are available in 6 sizes ranging from 4 to 20 inches, so they have an endless amount of uses. Play with them, sit on them, throw them and catch them, the possibilities are endless.

Practical Gifts

If you are looking for a functional gift, but want something unique and personal, then look no further. Our range of practical 1st birthday gifts are still fully customisable to create a fantastic, high quality, personalised 1st birthday present. 

Baby Changing Mat

For a unique gift that's both personal and functional, why not try one of our baby changing mats? You can upload your own photo or use a design with your own text to make this gift as unique as it's recipient. Made with Polar fleece this changing mat is warmer for baby than the plastic padded alternatives, and the waterproof backing ensures that there is no leakage. A cute ribbon trim, that is available in a choice of three colours, means that this changing mat can be easily rolled up or folded and is great for portable use when you're on-the-go.

Baby Towel

Make bath time quicker and easier with this microfibre towel and make it more exciting by creating the design yourself. Microfibre is super absorbent and dries really quickly making this towel a bath time must-have. Customise the towel with photos, text or your own design with long-lasting print on either one or both sides. The perfect size to wrap around your little treasure this baby towel will make sure that your child is warm and dry in no time. 

Bolster Cushion

This bolster cushion makes a great cot bumper, as well as being a wonderful support for your baby when they are sitting up. Use it to stop them falling and hitting their heads on that pesky skirting board, or just as an additional comfort. Personalise with your own design, created using images and text that you decide and upload yourself, making a wonderfully unique 1st birthday gift. 

1st Birthday Blankets & Sleeping Bags

At the age of one, children are far more mobile than they were even just a few weeks ago, but they still love to snuggle up all nice and cosy. In fact babies at this age sleep for, on average, 11-15 hours a day. Make bedtime and nap time that little bit more special with our range of personalised blankets and sleeping bags. 

Baby Name Blanket

These soft fleece baby name blankets come in a choice of 4 colours, with the birthday boy or girl's name printed on the front. As these blankets are machine washable they are an ideal 1st birthday gift designed to withstand those sticky fingers and unfortunate accidents.

Photo Blanket

The photo blanket is a great choice for both parents and baby to enjoy alike. Handmade, in a choice of 4 sizes with 4 backing colours to choose from, the anti-pilling fleece can be printed on both sides, or just on one. Upload baby's first photo, your favourite picture or even create a photo collage of all the best moments of your bundle of joy's first year. 

Personalised Blanket

Is your little one camera shy? If so maybe the personalised blanket is the one for you. With a choice of 3 design patterns and 3 backing colours, add a personal message to this adorable Polar fleece blanket. This blanket would also make a fantastic gift from family who live abroad, or in another area to send a special message that can be cherished forever.

Baby Name Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag has a zip around the edge as well as poppers on the shoulders, so you can make sure baby is comfortable and warm whether they're already sleeping or if you want to introduce it as part of your bedtime routine. Sleeping bags are a great alternative to blankets, no need to worry about it being kicked off in the night and your little wonder getting cold. 

Photo Sleeping Bag

Available in 2 sizes, you can customise this sleeping bag with photos, designs or text to make a truly unique present for that little one's 1st birthday. Perfect for those restless sleepers that keep losing their blankets in the night, this sleeping bag will make sure your little angel is tucked in till morning. 


Gift Voucher

Still can't decide? Do you want to send a personalised gift, but want to let the parents decide on the design? Why not send a gift voucher? Choose the design from the 5 voucher themes, select the value of your voucher from £25 all the way up to £1,000 and personalise the internal message. You can choose to have the voucher posted, which will be done the same day if you order before 12pm, or if you're in a hurry you can opt to have it emailed. 

Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags

What better way to present your personalised gift that with personalised wrapping paper and gift tags? Choose from 2 sizes of rolled wrapping paper and 3 sizes of gift tags, you can add images, text and a personalised message to your custom gift-wrapping essentials. You have two different hanging options for the gift tags or can choose to have none at all and fix the tags to your gift yourself. 

Whether you're buying gifts for girls or gifts for boys, our great selection of present ideas are totally customisable, available in a range of colours and patterns, and you can even design your own. Browse our range of specifically selected gift ideas perfect for that 1st birthday milestone, and we will hand make it to order, here in London, and ship it to you in a matter of days.