Create Unusual Stocking Filler Gifts This Xmas

This range of cute, customised stocking filler gifts are the perfect way to start Christmas morning. Load...

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Personalised Stocking Fillers

Unusual stocking filler gifts are the perfect way to start off the present unwrapping proceedings. Hung around the fireplace or left at the end of the bed, children and adults alike will love digging into their stocking and finding these personalised surprises inside. The cufflinks make a great romantic gift for your partner, whilst the cute compact mirror is a teenage essential.

Christmas Stocking Presents

Christmas stocking gifts have been a Christmas tradition for years. Varying from edibles to more permanent stocking filler ideas there are many different takes on this custom.

Stocking Stuffers

A Christmas stocking – an empty sock-shaped bag – is hung so that Santa Claus can fill it with smaller gifts, fruit and sweets. These are most commonly either pinned to the fireplace or hung from a bedpost. In some tales, stocking presents are the only gifts a child would receive, whilst in others, there are also wrapped gifts under a tree. It is also often the case that the stockings are the gifts from Father Christmas whilst the presents under the tree are from family and friends. Personalised stocking fillers add a unique finishing touch to any Christmas morning.  

The Mystery of Stockings

There is nothing written that shows where the Christmas Stocking originated. No records from history that show this. There are several adaptations of numerous legends that suggest where this tradition might have come from, but nobody knows for sure. The custom is believed to have begun in a European country using standard everyday socks until decorative Christmas stockings began to be created. When you create personalised Xmas decorations, don’t forget your own custom-made stockings.

The St. Nick Stocking Legend

The most common Christmas stocking story is that of the poor man and his daughters. In this tale, a poor man lived with his three daughters, and he couldn’t afford to get them married. Without a husband, he had concerns over what would happen to them after his passing. Saint Nicholas heard the villagers talking about the girls as he was passing through the village and decided that he wanted to help. He knew that the man wouldn’t accept charity and so he decided that he would keep his help a secret.

Unusual Stocking Fillers

After nightfall, Saint Nick threw three bags of gold through an open window of the man’s house. One of the bags of gold landed in a stocking. This anecdote is sometimes told with gold balls rather than bags of gold, which is the origin of the pawnbroker sign traditionally having three gold balls as the symbol. Other variations include the bags of gold being thrown directly into stockings which were hanging on the fireplace to dry at the time.

Christmas stocking gifts

When the girls and their father woke the next day, they were ecstatic at their Christmas stocking fillers. They were able to get married, and like all good stories, they lived happily ever after with their husbands.

Other Christmas Stocking Fillers

In other European countries, rather than stockings, children would polish their shoes and place them in their windows. Santa doesn’t visit via the chimney but instead fills the shoes with small presents and bags of sweets. This tradition is often observed earlier in December, usually either on Christmas Eve or December 6th, which is St Nicholas Day. This is especially common in many areas of Central Europe.

Christmas Magic

Design your own personalised stocking fillers and make sure every part of Christmas day is a magical moment. Most people will expect to find a satsuma and some chocolate, however, watch as amazement spreads across their face when they discover customised stocking filler gifts, all printed with special memories unique to them.