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Photo Christmas Ornaments UK

Photo Christmas Ornaments UK

Photo Christmas Tree Ornaments

Save 25% from £9.00 Was £12.00

Give your tree a fresh treat this Christmas with a unique array of photo Christmas ornaments, handmade to order. These photo Christmas tree ornaments are great fun to create so try something different for festivities. Create a Christmas photo ornament online and get some personalised Christmas decorations fast. These photo Christmas ornaments, UK made to order, are flatter and stronger than round baubles, made from strong ceramic and decorated with photos on both sides.

  • Ready To Ship In 1 - 2 Day(s)

  • UK delivery: £2.49

  • Buy now, pay later


  • 1 £9.00
  • 2 £8.00 Each (Save £2.00)
  • 3 £7.00 Each (Save £6.00)
  • 4 £6.00 Each (Save £12.00)
  • 10 £5.00 Each (Save £40.00)

Christmas Photo Ornament

  • Ceramic Christmas baubles
  • Heart, oval, star, bell or round shape
  • Bright strong vibrant print on ceramic
  • Edges remain white
  • Comes with red hanging ribbon
  • Photo printed on both sides

The best way to continue adding memories to your Christmas tree is to incorporate personalised Christmas decorations.

Once you select snapshots from your most precious moments, you can upload them and preview them on these photo ornaments. Choose your shapes (e.g, classic round, heart-shaped, five-pointed star...) and design your own unique Christmas ornaments, online, right here. An optional cute pouch makes these custom ornaments a sweet and useful gift in their own right, helped further by our generous quantity discounts. Have your printed personalised Christmas photo ornaments delivered to your doorstep in time to hang them on your Christmas tree.
  • 76 mm x 72 mm heart shape
  • 60 mm x 83 mm oval shape
  • 80 mm x 80 mm star shape
  • 65 mm x 76 mm bell shape
  • 75 mm x 75 mm round shape
  • Approx. weight: 40g each

Personalised Baubles Shapes and Dimensions

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Personalised Xmas Baubles

Custom photo ornaments are ideal to hang on your Christmas tree or to add on a string or ribbon to make lasting personalised Xmas decorations. Print pictures of your closest family on ceramic Christmas ornaments.  Create a Christmas atmosphere by designing a unique personalised Christmas decoration that you can re-use year after year. Spread the true meaning of holiday spirit by giving designer custom ornaments to the ones you love and cherish. Whether you print with a face, a favourite character or a special message, everything is lovingly handmade to order. 

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments Sent Fast

We supply your Christmas tree ornaments and personalised photo baubles quickly. Choose from delightful heart shapes, Christmas bells and other personalised Christmas decoration styles and have them printed within days. Ceramic Christmas ornaments are a traditional way to enhance the look of your tree, and printed ceramic ornaments look even better. Personalised photo ornaments are an excellent choice for home decoration and will last for years. Designer photo ornaments are suitable for year-round decorating too. 

Designer Personalised Christmas Ornaments Online

You no longer need to waste your time preparing disposable Christmas decorations after you have created a long-lasting set of photo Christmas tree decorations. These personalised tree decorations are printed and dispatched in a few days but built to last. In order to get your personalised Christmas ornaments, you need to choose the shape and upload your picture or design to our web design tool, and we will take care of the rest - fast.

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Reviews for Personalised Christmas Ornaments

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Make a Collage

If you can’t decide on which photo to use, you can upload multiple images and create a photo collage. This can be done using one of our pre-set montage templates, or you can create your own entirely from scratch. It’s super easy to do and the possibilities are endless.

photo collage

How to add your collage to your product

Step 1 – Click the start design button & select your product options.

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Images & Text Tools’ tab, click the ‘add images/Text’ button on your product & ‘Select Images to Upload’ or use the Facebook/Instagram tabs.

Step 3 – Choose the images you want to use for your collage, upload & select them from the uploaded photos list.

Step 4 – Click ‘Create montage’ & select your collage style.

Step 5 – Add the collage to your design.

Hints and Tips

  • The more images you add to your collage the smaller each image will be. Fewer images will be larger and give you more clarity and detail.
  • The more people in an image, the less detail there will be. If you have 10 images of a group of five friends, each person will be smaller than if you have 10 images of just one person.
  • Try to make sure that the longest side of each image is around 10 centimetres. There is a handy ruler built into the design tool to help you with this.
  • Smaller products will not be able to fit as many images as larger ones will.

A lifetime memento

Our printed ceramic ornaments have fantastic high-quality print over the surface of the personalised Christmas photo ornament that you design. These personalised Christmas decorations are ceramic discs, quite thick, and a little heavier than personalised Christmas baubles. We use a 3D digital printing technique to ensure that your design is printed in high-definition onto your ornament. This deep infusion method ensures that your print will not rub or peel off. 

Please note that the edges of the personalised ornaments will remain white (most apparent on dark photos or designs), with the image feathering softly to the edge, blending very nicely with your personalised tree decorations.

Your personalised Christmas photo ornament is finished with a beautiful red ribbon, which threads through a hole in the top centre of the ceramic. Please remember to allow for this hole in your design (you will be able to see it on the design interface) otherwise you may lose important parts of your image.

Feathered Edges

Create personalised Christmas decorations with personalised photo Christmas baubles and spread the true meaning of holiday spirit by giving photo ornaments to the ones you love. Your personalised Xmas tree decorations will help you to recall memories and can be reused for years to come. Design new personalised photo baubles each year and create an evolving set. Every personalised ornament perched on the Christmas has a story to tell. Photo Christmas ornaments, UK printed with your photos, will remind you of those times.

NB: Photo Christmas tree ornaments retain a white edge after printing. Please see gallery photos. The white ceramic is strong and handles well, from posting to storing in the Christmas decoration box year after year. You might notice that there is a slight colour variation between the front and the back of your ornament. Please be assured that this is normal and is due to our specialist printing method. The quality of your design will not be compromised.

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