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Picture Puzzle (30-1000 Pieces)

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Picture Puzzle (30-1000 Pieces)

Puzzle With Your Own Picture Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Have you ever wanted to turn photos into jigsaw puzzles? This picture puzzle makes a fun and unique gift f...

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Your Picture To Puzzle

  • 30, 96, 252, 500 or 1000 pieces
  • Create your own puzzle with pictures and text
  • Presented in a plain or printed tin or recycled satin bag
  • Wooden or cardboard base
  • Full-colour long-lasting print
  • Handmade to order in London, UK

Create a puzzle with your own picture for a unique gift.

Gift giving can either be a pleasure, or a chore, depending on who the gift is for. This is why creating a picture puzzle is such a wonderful idea. When you create your own jigsaw, you can create a unique and memorable gift, that will be treasured for a lifetime. A fun and sentimental photo jigsaw in 1000 pieces works for any gift giving occasion. Available in five sizes, catering to all ages and skill levels; choose from small, medium, large, XL or XXL picture puzzle for those puzzle aficionados. The small and medium sizes are made from recycled wood, whilst the larger sizes are reinforced cardboard.
  • 5 size options
  • 30 pieces, 96 pieces, 252 pieces, 500 pieces or 1000 pieces
  • Wooden or cardboard base
  • Full-colour, long-lasting print
  • Recyclable metal tin or a recycled, unprinted satin bag
  • Tin, either plain or printed in puzzle design
  • Next-day delivery available
  • Turn a picture into a puzzle as a totally bespoke gift
  • Lovingly handmade in the UK

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak


  • Small - 30 chunky wooden pieces - 10" x 7"(25 cm x 17.5 cm) - 2.5 mm deep base, glossy top - 260g 
  • Medium - 96 chunky wooden pieces - 14" x 9.5"(36 cm x 25 cm) - 2.5 mm deep base, glossy top - 500g
  • Large - 252 pieces - 10.5" x 13.2" (27 cm x 33.5 cm) - cardboard, 2 mm thick, small pieces - 280g
  • Extra Large - 500 pieces - 13" x 18.5" (33 cm x 47 cm) - cardboard, 2 mm thick, small pieces - 560g
  • 2XL - 1000 pieces - 26" x 17" (68 cm x 44 cm) - cardboard, 2 mm thick, small pieces - 750g
  • Unprinted Satin Bag: 11x13.5”
  • All weights include the presentation tin

Care: The wooden puzzle with your own picture has a waterproof glossy laminate finish to the surface, so can easily be wiped clean. The 252, 500 and 1000 piece photo puzzle is made from strong cardboard, so doesn't have any water repellent properties. Keep your photo jigsaw in 1000 pieces stored in your metal presentation tin or satin bag, where you can bring it out year after year for a fun and exciting challenge.

Puzzle with Picture: A Blend of Fun and Intellectual Skills

Picture puzzles offer a unique and entertaining way to transform your cherished images into engaging games that will delight both young and old. These puzzles provide an exciting blend of art, nostalgia, and brain-teasing fun. Creating a picture into puzzle is a straightforward process that guarantees endless enjoyment. Whether you're looking for a creative gift or a fun pastime, jigsaw puzzles from picture offer an opportunity to combine artistry and amusement. Puzzle with picture is not just for entertainment, they can be valuable educational tools for children. The joy of seeing your favourite pictures to puzzles is unmatched.

The Joy of Personalised 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

If you're seeking the ultimate challenge and a unique way to immortalise your cherished memories, look no further than our 1000-piece jigsaw from photo. Our photo puzzle 1000 pieces collection is designed to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience. Personalised jigsaw 1000 pieces is the pinnacle of puzzle complexity.

We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge printing technology to ensure your picture on puzzle looks vibrant and true to life. Each piece of your personalised 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from picture is expertly cut to ensure a snug fit. Assemble your personalised 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle piece by piece, savouring every moment. Once completed, your picture puzzle can be framed and displayed as a unique piece of home decor, reminding you of the beautiful memories it holds. Experience the satisfaction of bringing your photo puzzle 1000 pieces to life, one piece at a time.

Make a Picture Into A Puzzle With Wood or tough card

Your picture puzzles are handmade to order and crafted by our skilled technicians and woodwork professionals. We print your photos or designs directly onto the surface, and then we cut out the classic puzzle piece shapes. The small and medium puzzles are made from wood and finished with laminate gloss, whereas the larger sizes are made from tough cardboard. To make this an extra special gift, you can make a picture into a puzzle presented in a metal presentation tin, featuring a print on the lid of the same photo or a plain version. Alternatively, for the stylish minimalist, you can choose an unprinted satin bag, made from recycled Duchess Satin. If you choose the printed tin, we print directly onto the lid, giving an authentic, 'etched' effect. This silvery, metallic finish adds character to your tin.

A Picture Puzzle For Everyone

When it comes to memorable and thoughtful gifts, a picture puzzle really does have it all. Print a family photo and enjoy a puzzle family night. If you want to treat your other half to a unique anniversary gift, have your picture turned into a puzzle from your wedding day, and don't forget a lovely message to go with it. 

Propose With A Puzzle

You've thought about it long and hard. You've made your decision. You want to ask the love of your life to marry you. We understand that you want to find a unique and memorable way to ask your love to marry you. This is where a puzzle with your own picture comes in. Choose from one of our beautiful, handmade puzzles, and start thinking up your design. Before you turn a picture into a puzzle, consider using a special photo as the background, and then write those magical words. When the time is ready to ask the question, give them their new puzzle and hold your breath while they piece it together. Good luck!

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