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  • Who was it for? Boyfriend | Occasion | Birthday |

    testimonials Good quality, great gift
    The pillowcases are good quality, very smooth material. Also, when designing I got helpful warning messages that helped me with getting the format and HD quality right.

    Julia E. From Edinburgh Review Date 19/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Daughter | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Brilliant
    The quality was brilliant. The pictures are very clear. Very quick service and arrived on time even though it was just before Christmas. Easy to use website and will definitely be ordering again.

    Gemma T From Preston Review Date 14/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Daughter | Occasion | Treat |

    testimonials Great quality, super fast.
    Clear images, nice pillow case. Easy to use website. Fast service. This was a gift I was totally delighted to give. Thanks

    LindsayJ From Highland Review Date 13/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Girlfriend | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Excellent, good quality pillow
    Pillow case came in good time, and I was extremely pleased with the quality of the picture on the pillow case. I took the picture with my camera phone so wasn’t expected the best, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Ry O From London Review Date 09/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Wife | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Top quality
    Goods perfect..very easy to design...pleasure to do business with.

    Paul B From Newcastle Upon tyne Review Date 06/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Son | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Great idea
    Love this personalised pillow case - some of the photos overlapped others and cut off heads but it’s it’s a random distribution. Was a bit pricey.

    Di From Glasgow Review Date 03/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Girlfriend | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Absolutely loved it 😍
    I got this for my partner as a prezzy 😍 she absolutely loved it..very gud quality 👍🏻 Very happy partner 👍🏻

    Dano D From Edinburgh Review Date 03/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Children | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Fabulous!
    The second pillowcase I have had and wasn’t disappointed. Excellent quality and it really feels luxury. Washes great too.

    Ness B From Hants Review Date 02/02/2018
  • Who was it for? Husband | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Amazing
    Quality of pictures are great along with the quality of actual pillow case very happy and would recommend

    Hayley B From Swansea Review Date 29/01/2018
  • Who was it for? Daughter | Occasion | Christmas |

    testimonials Great in every way
    I designed a pillow case for my daughter. Uploaded and received it a few days later. Quality was superb.

    K Newell From Oxford Review Date 28/01/2018