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    I had an idea for a birthday present and I am delighted with your execution of that idea. One never knows quite what to expect when purchasing online. The product that I received was of excellent quality and delivered in a very timely fashion. I had ordered prematurely anticipating hiccups but there were none. Well done!

    Helen G From London Review Date 23/01/2017
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    I was a bit nervous about spending so much money just on pillow cases but I have to say they are incredible. The quality is brilliant and I would happily buy again.

    Rebecca S From Margate Review Date 18/01/2017
  • Who was it for? Grandchild Occasion Christmas

    Excellent, honest-to-a-fault service. The company fully refunded me when I made a mistake in my initial order, and the staff online even took the time to personally guide me to the product best suited to my needs when I described what I had in mind to them. Highly recommended.

    Amos L. From London Review Date 13/01/2017
  • Who was it for? Brother Occasion Christmas

    Customised pillow case. Fantastic experience. Designing was very easy to use and the quality of the end product was above my expectation. The item also arrived on time. One negative was it product was expensive but as mentioned high quality. Thank you

    Orla L From Chester Review Date 05/01/2017
  • Who was it for? Wife Occasion Christmas

    Pillowcase was of a very good quality and the photo print was very accurate (I did supply a very high quality version). It was a touch faded, but that's not a problem.

    Tom H From Lancaster Review Date 03/01/2017
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    The pillowcase came really quickly. Great service! It was the perfect present & we all had a brilliant laugh when it was opened. Will def order something from you again. Thanks!

    Mrs G. From London Review Date 03/01/2017
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    Hi There , It is the first time I have used you,I ordered just 3 pillow slips as samples. I was very pleased with the results and pleased you answered my enquiry. I am in the process of wholesaling items and hope to attend the BCTF in Harrogate in the Newcomers Galley. So I will be in touch with you again for several other prints to show as samples to the trade. On another note and an idea you may like to possibly produce and to supply to others and myself are bed throws, I do not know what the correct name for them is. Its the strip of material that hotels lay across the foot of the bed, twice the length of your pillow slips an easy piece of material to produce and print. As I produce long posters with nursery rhymes on them it would lend itself to them to decorate a bed. Clearly others may also wish you to print their designs on them. my web page is being rebuilt to be hopefully better as I write. If you are interested I can send you jpeg of my a double prints for you to try out. kind Regards. ::::::::::::BOL - we can do all of this to help you

    Roger W Sharp From Derby Review Date 30/12/2016
  • Who was it for? Brother Occasion Christmas

    No complaints. Well made case, Turned out exactly as i wanted.

    Ian K. From Wexford Review Date 30/12/2016
  • Who was it for? Boyfriend Occasion Christmas

    Great service, quick turnaround and delivery and I was very happy with the product. The photo printing came out as I expected.

    Dolly From London Review Date 29/12/2016
  • Who was it for? Boyfriend Occasion Christmas

    Excellent!!! I ordered a personalized pillow case and the quality of the photo print is amazing. Hassle free process, super happy

    Toni R From Carmarthen Review Date 28/12/2016