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Personalised pencil case

Fabric Pencil Case

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  • testimonials
    Fantastic, just what we wanted. My daughter will be delighted!

    Linda From Sunderland Review Date 19/12/2013
  • testimonials
    I absolutely adore your products, Always classy and well worth the price, They are original and the photos come out to perfection! Unfortunately the postage is often the price of the product (France). So I have to wait for several items, which is frustrating. And the speed! OMG How do you do it ?!!! The postage is up to 2kgs, Can't you just send the small items by post .? I'll be back! From a happy customer who knows her Christmas presents will be a success , so thanks!

    Francesca From France Review Date 18/10/2013
  • testimonials
    The ability to preview the pencil case before going to print. Easiest to use design system although not the cheapest. I was absolutely delighted that the product was so good :)

    Karen L From Salisbury Review Date 29/11/2012
  • testimonials
    Just thought it was a good idea and didn't look any further for other companies. I was impressed by the quality of the printing on the bedding I have previously ordered. Really impressed with the finished product - a bit pricey but worth it for quality.

    Qin F From Birmingham Review Date 29/11/2012
  • testimonials
    collage print range and prices - liked that i was able to move the pictures how i wanted. I liked the way i could alter images. very classy design ideas.

    Val I From Inverness Review Date 29/11/2012
  • testimonials
    Good quality presents! Liked my previous calendar, and thought I'd come back for more. A big plus was the number of images you could have on a case

    Claire O From Hull Review Date 29/11/2012
  • testimonials
    Easy to build order. Quick and free delivery. I've purchased a few items from you and have always been impressed! Used another company first, wasnt happy with quality wanted a good quality product was happier this website

    Maria U From London Review Date 29/11/2012
  • testimonials
    only site where i could print back and front- very promt and speedy delivery, in the end i was thrilled with results

    Tara R. From Liverpool Review Date 28/11/2012