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Personalised Home Gifts

Although our photo handbags and personalised make up bags are our best-sellers here at Bags of Love, there are other personalised products that can show off your own personal style. Our personalised furnishings can give a personal touch to any room around the house through some unique and creative products. With items from Bags of Love, you can spice up your home with personalised furnishings.

Wallpaper Borders

Custom printed wallpaper borders are perfect for a baby or young child’s room because you can personalise it with designs or a photo montage that you and your child will always treasure. You can put your own twist on the classic alphabet design, use your child’s drawings, or prints of your child’s footprints. For an older child or perhaps a child going off to university, you can use their favourite photos so that they can always be reminded of happy memories.

Personalised Radiator Covers

Give your room an instant change of appearance with our personalised radiator covers. Use a personal photo or a unique design to cover up the appliance that just sticks out from the wall. Instantly, the room will have a personalised touch and you’ll be covering up your radiator at the same time. Although it is not a guarantee from us, the radiator covers may reduce burns from children bumping into them due to the reduction of surface heat, thus giving this product an extra value. These personalised radiator covers are a wonderful addition to any room. Whichever item you pick, Bags of Love will help you to add that extra personalised touch to your home or as a gift to someone else’s.

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