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Gifts for lovers

Wit Bags of Love you can always  celebrate your loved one, we have a host of personalized products which they are bound to love.

Personalised Gift for Lovers

A photo heart cushion makes for a romantic present that is appropriate all year long, not just merely on Valentine’s Day. It is suitable for many places around the house as well, such as a throw pillow on the bed or as a comfy addition to your couch. You can even take it along with you for a picnic in the park, at least when the weather is a bit nicer. Personalise the photo heart cushion with a picture of you and your loved one together to show your love for each other. The photo heart cushion makes for a great gift, and the recipient will be touched by it. Gifts for lovers are fantastic presents for your loved one.

Personalised Photo Album

A personalised photo album is another perfect way to show your appreciation to your loved one on any occasion, not just Lover’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Personalise the cover with your favourite picture of you and your loved one together; even add a message to add a more creative touch. After you receive the personalised photo album, add your favourite photos of you together (photos not included in the photo album), so that your partner can have all of your most treasured memories as a couple, in front of them.


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