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Photo Pillowcase Review

Photo Pillowcase Reviews and testimonials UK. Bags of love produces unique personalised photo pillows that have been reviewed by happy customers.

  • Who was it for? me Occasion Home decoration

    Hi Bags of Love, just to let you know that I received my order yesterday. I love the idea that no one else will have a pillow case like mine. It was made with care and attention to detail. I will continue to shop in your site. Thanks so much. Regards.

    Gloria W From London Review Date 18-Apr-2013
  • Who was it for? Mum Occasion Birthday

    The gift parcel for my mum arrived yesterday, right on her birthday, great timing. She was nicely surprised and so very much pleased with the pillow cases. Thanks so much and hope to order again in the future. Kind regards.

    Claire U From Brighton Review Date 02-Apr-2013
  • Who was it for? Son Occasion Home decoration

    Hi Bags of Love, just to let you know that you did a very professional job. It's always nice to receive something like the pillow case I ordered in the mail. Thank you and regards.

    Yasmin D From Newport Review Date 08-Mar-2013
  • Who was it for? parents Occasion Anniversary

    Hi Bags of Love, I knew I found a gem when I found you. I love my pillow cases, they are simply amazing. It was an anniversary gift for my parents and they are delighted. Thank you so much.

    Helen From Bath Review Date 14-Feb-2013
  • Who was it for? husband Occasion Anniversary

    I couldn’t imagine how great my new pillow cases look with my bed linen. My husband was amazingly surprised when he went to bed last night. He has a picture of me and I have a pillow with his face on it. I cannot think of a better anniversary gift.

    Faith W From Exeter Review Date 07-Feb-2013
  • Who was it for? Friend Occasion Christmas

    I was a little disappointed with my purchase when I uploaded the image it said someone would check the quality before printing, it looked ok on the screen but when you are expanding to a pillow case that could change. So I processed the order with the hope I would be contacted if the image would not transfer to a high standard. When I received the order the image was a little fuzzy and not that clear. As this was a Xmas present I did not have time to sort something else so have had to give this as a present.

    Sarah c From Essex Review Date 27-Dec-2012
  • Who was it for? me Occasion Myself

    Hello, i just get that pillowcase, i dont know is that the old one or new but it looks great! Thanks!

    Adrian From Preston Review Date 17-Dec-2012
  • Who was it for? Friend Occasion Treat

    perfect and super fast delivery! I love this website!!!

    Angela K From london Review Date 18-Jun-2012
  • Who was it for? Friend Occasion Birthday

    Even better than I expected!!! Your company is the only one that makes this item. I was worried that being the only one it would be a risky choice, but you guys are doing the business. It's even better than the real thing and now I can't use my other pillow cases anymore. I will have to come back...... that's impressive!

    Conny From Netherlands Review Date 26-May-2012
  • Who was it for? husband Occasion Anniversary

    Lots of choice for photos. Good price. Fast delivery times. LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Delivery pace was highlighted. Chose for the personalised touch. Item description of product was specific. Returned because of the excellent and prompt canvases we received previously.

    Violet G From Loughborough Review Date 16-Dec-2011