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  • Who was it for? Daughter Occasion Birthday

    Fab!! My item arrived within 4 days of ordering and the quality of the pictures is amazing. I have ordered something similar from another company in the past but bags of love is so much better.

    Jane A From Lincoln Review Date 13/08/2014
  • Who was it for? Friend Occasion Birthday

    Really, really pleased with my custom pillow cases. The material is very nice and the print quality was much much better than I thought possible. I will be be placing further orders!!

    Alison From Caithness Review Date 23/07/2014
  • Who was it for? Select Occasion Select

    Thank you for your quick response It was for a birthday prez that needed to be sent. Product was very very good so much apreciated

    Robert beckett From Birmingham Review Date 18/07/2014
  • Who was it for? Friend Occasion Birthday

    Thank you so much for my pillow case. It arrived quickly and was lovely quality. It was designed for a friends birthday and she loved it! Will definitely order from you again.

    Lucy c From Birmingham Review Date 13/07/2014
  • Who was it for? Friends Occasion Christmas

    Fantastic items , will defenatly buy from again ,

    Ann axisa From Birmingham Review Date 12/07/2014
  • Who was it for? Girlfriend Occasion Anniversary

    Quite impressed with the quality and time for delivery, I would definately suggest this shop to my friends.

    Ensen Wong From Hong Kong Review Date 03/07/2014
  • Who was it for? Sister Occasion Birthday

    The order was despatched and arrived on time, the product looks fantastic and the order process was fairly straightforward. The only drawback of using bagsoflove is that the website seems a little slow when navigating around the personalisation screen and I often refreshed my screen or waited a few minutes for the page to respond after each caption was uploaded. If improvements can be made to the website it would make the personalisation step a little bit more quicker.

    sumayra I From manchester Review Date 03/07/2014
  • Who was it for? Husband Occasion Anniversary

    My pillow case arrived very swiftly, even though I live in Luxembourg. It is nice and soft, the photo print is excellent and the pillow case seems like decent quality. Only gripe would be that altogether I paid over £50 including the international shipping, which is a lot of money, but it's a special present.

    Carla Mc From Luxembourg Review Date 27/06/2014
  • Who was it for? Friend Occasion Leaving Present

    I was very pleased with the product - the picture looks amazing. The only thing that I questioned was the material - it might be what you have to use to produce the photo but I thought it was quite silky for a pillowcase. We bought this as a leaving present - the recipient was so happy

    Anne F From Windsor Review Date 22/06/2014
  • Who was it for? Wife Occasion Anniversary

    Exeecellent and delivered on time and exactly how I planned it on sketch

    S muse From London Review Date 17/06/2014