custom tablecloth fabric

Tablecloth Fabric

Tablecloth Fabric

Here is a range of reviews of our Tablecloth Fabric. Made for all kinds of occasions and recipients, these customers have experienced the quality and super fast delivery that we offer, so hopefully you might be inspired by some of their suggestions! Making your own Tablecloth Fabric brings your favourite images and designs to life; and our special printing technique enables us to make a unique product just for you.

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  • testimonials Fast and easy
    I was really impressed with this service. Setting up the custom mat was easy and delivery was very fast. I'm really pleased with the final product.

    Andy C From Oxford Review Date 05/12/2019
  • testimonials Great product
    The material printing was exactly what I wanted. Only criticism I would have is that the sheet of material was folded leaving some very deep creases (it almost looked like it had been pressed). It would have been better supplied as a roll in a tube or more loosely folded. BOL ::::: Please lay flat for a while, rest books on it or iron gently on low heat - regs BOL

    Paul G. From Norfolk Review Date 22/07/2019
  • testimonials Excellent Service
    I requested a fabric print and a collection of material sample swatches. The service was prompt and my print from a photograph was excellent, I would however have liked a clear border of at least an inch all the way around the picture instead of a large border at the top although this contains the information of the material and a bar code, however around the other three sides there was no blank border of fabric, as this is required for a textile project I would have preferred a bit of extra material around all of the print, perhaps when ordering there could be a comments section stating what the print is required for to allow for this

    Veronica N From South Wales Review Date 04/04/2019
  • testimonials Great quality
    I ordered a photo print onto canvas fabric - the quality of the print is excellent, far better than I’d expected from a photo taken on my phone, and it arrived very quickly. Excellent service!

    Paul F From St Albans Review Date 26/10/2018
  • testimonials Size of design larger than expected
    I designed a fabric with a single character on and made it to what looked like a relatively medium to small size on the screen. Unfortunately when the fabric arrived the character was quite large. I can still use it but there needs to be more sizing options available for the image that you add, whether that be a description of the size of the image in cm when you add it or a better image of the fabric once created.

    Fran R From West Yorkshire Review Date 24/08/2018