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Heat Change Mugs

Personalised Heat Change Mug

Why not give a personalised mug with a real difference? These heat changing mugs work like magic and make brilliant photo gifts. Simply add your hot beverage and your photo design will appear! See what our customers say about or amazing heat change mug. Read about their views and experiences about our products and service - right from the horses mouth.

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  • testimonials Great communication and product
    I was informed about the delivery and they managed to get it to me time, many thanks. Great product and quality, will order again

    Wayne From Essex Review Date 15/05/2020
  • testimonials Good but a little dark
    The product i got was pretty good. The quality of the image was the same one i used, the only thing that bothered me was that the image was a little darker than the original. It's not so bad, that i would say the product is bad but it's noticable.

    Toni M. From Germany Review Date 01/01/2020
  • testimonials Great Product + quick delivery
    Really nice mug The design method was also good. Would use this place again

    Taz S From Birmingham Review Date 25/12/2019
  • testimonials Incredible quality
    The pictures are clear and a very good quality, obviously depends on the quality of your pic too, but don't let me take that away from BoL. The item works great with the appearance under hot water and gave my colleague a good laugh. The delivery was fast and was wrapped up tightly to ensure no damage happened. The only issue I had was an email requesting feedback on my item, in fact I had 26 emails in 10 minute intervals which is annoying. But there was no issues with the product!!

    Lee :) From London Review Date 09/12/2019
  • testimonials Great quality
    Really good standard of product. Custom images were very crisp and clear. The heat mug works perfectly.

    John K From Derby Review Date 14/11/2019
  • testimonials A wonderful gift...
    The person who take the heat changing mug was impressed.I suggest it for a special gift.The only cons is the cost of the delivery which was around 15 pound for the Cyprus,you need to find cheapest method of shipping

    Sofokleous S. From Cyprus Review Date 30/10/2019
  • testimonials Nice present!
    Product seems good quality. Very speedy service.

    Gay From Greater London Review Date 20/09/2019
  • testimonials Great quality and finish
    Great resolution on the photos, even when small and when placed on the edges or round surfaces. My friend loved her presents!

    LP From Oxfordshire Review Date 22/08/2019
  • testimonials Outstanding service
    I could not believe how efficient your company operates, absolutely excellent service and quality of the product.

    Peter M From Youghal, Ireland Review Date 08/07/2019
  • testimonials Brillaint service
    Apart from the delayed response got my item in a timely manner and although it was damaged accidentally i was offered a coupon so customer service means a lot to this company.

    Ishaq V From Preston Review Date 13/06/2019
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