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What You Need For The Perfect Christmas Dinner

christmas dinner table

The perfect Christmas dinner isn’t just about what you make you know, it’s also about how you present it!

At Bags of Love, we know how special the festive season is to so many of our customers and for those of you who are planning a big Christmas dinner with the family, it is important to create a welcoming and loving environment and atmosphere.

As well as the turkey and all the trimmings, it’s what you serve with the food, that is so important and we’re not just talking about crackers and mulled wine (but they are of course very important!) Why serve the most special meal of the year on boring, generic platters? Why use impersonal napkins and table cloths and why set your egg nog glasses on coasters, which are just plain and ordinary, when you can have a completely personalised experience? From personalised napkins to custom designed aprons, we here at Bags of Love have everything you need to make your Christmas not only special, but truly memorable too.

Here are a few of our favourite Christmas dinner essentials.

Personalised Aprons christmas apron

For the chef of the day, whether it’s mum, dad, grandpa…whoever, they deserve their very own personalised photo apron, so everyone knows who is responsible for the delicious meal! Our Personalised Aprons can be customised to feature photos, graphics and text, to ensure that it really is custom designed for every individual. It washes like a dream and the print will not fade, so don’t worry about spilling a bit of gravy or cranberry sauce on it! Keep your special Christmas Day outfit looking perfect by popping on your own custom printed apron over the top, and have fun in the kitchen getting that turkey ready! Click here to create your own apron. 

Personalised Fabric Placemats christmas fabric placemat

Instead of using place cards this year, to show where everyone is sitting around the dinner table, why not create something truly special, which will last a lifetime of Christmas dinners? Our Personalised Fabric Placemats will add a special and loving touch to your table. Design one for every guest, so they feel extra love on Christmas Day. Plus, no arguing over who gets to sit where! These beautiful yet durable placemats are easy to clean too – pop them in the washing machine and keep them looking perfect for years to come! Click here to start designing your photo placemats.

Personalised Serving Platter christmas platter

This gorgeous custom printed platter makes a lovely and unique Christmas gift, but it also will enhance any Christmas dinner table! Serve up your roasted spuds or a tasty Christmas pud on a platter, which has been designed entirely by you, especially for the big day. Choose a festive photo or even a classic Christmassy design, to create a personalised platter, which you can bring out to the table year after year. Get ready for your guests to Ooh and Aah over your beautiful Personalised Photo Platter. Click here to start designing. 

Personalised Photo Coasters photo_personalised_coasters

Your guests can place their glasses of mulled wine and bucks fizz on their very own custom printed photo coasters! Our beautiful personalised coasters come in multiple packs and can all show the same design, or have a different design each. You can also add a gorgeous, personal message to each coaster. Makes a fab and fun Christmas present or a festive treat for you. Think how lovely your personalised coasters will look on the Christmas table…makes your heart all warm and fluttery just thinking about it! Click here to design your personalised coasters. 

Personalised Table Runner table-runner-christmas

No Christmas dinner table is complete without a gorgeous, festive table runner. So much more convenient and striking than a table cloth, our handmade custom printed table runners really make an impact. Dress up your dining room table and make your guests gasp in delight at your beautiful personalised table runner. Easy to clean and use again and again, add fun festive photos and text on a colourful background, to really make your Christmas table stand out. Click here to start designing your table runner. 

Personalised Napkins christmas napkins

Available in multi packs, our Personalised Napkins are an essential for the dinner table! They will add the perfect finishing touch to your customised Christmas table and will look gorgeous next to the crackers. Choose one design, or several and wow your guests with stunning custom printed fabric napkins, which you can reuse again and again – pop them in the wash to get out any brandy sauce or stuffing stains and your prints will keep looking as good as new. We love the idea of using a fun Christmas family portrait to decorate your napkins, as well as a sweet message to your guests. Guaranteed to make them, and you, feel special. Click here to design your personalised napkins.

 Custom Photo Trays christmas tray

To finish off our round up of our Christmas dinner essentials, we present to you our beautiful Personalised Tray. Our high quality photo tray has a chic, high glossy finish and is tough and durable. Bring out the turkey, the stuffing and all the trimmings on your very own personalised tray. Create a unique design to show off your style, a precious family photo or even a meaningful message and show it off to all of your friends and family. Click here and create your personalised tray now. 

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