Photo Christmas Cards

Create your own personalised Christmas cards and accessories for a special touch to this year's proceeding...

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Christmas Cards Designed by You

We can guarantee there won't be another card like yours on the mantelpiece with personalised Christmas cards. They're beautifully printed with your personal photos and messages of hope and joy, which is sure to give the recipient a lovely surprise when they open the envelope.

Sending cards is such a timeless tradition, and who doesn't love receiving handwritten cards? Christmas card printing allows you to design your own cards however you want them, so they perfectly suit your loved one's personality and style.

Send letters to Santa

You can write letters to Santa using custom postcards, which is a great way to encourage children to be creative and pen a thoughtful wish list. You could even create the perfect medium to send Santa's response back. There is nothing like a letter from the big man himself to give the little ones that extra boost to put them on the nice list. 

Fit for a king

The first Christmas card that we can find a record of sent to James I of England (and his son) in 1611. It wasn't actually discovered until 1979, 368 years later. It had been sent by Michael Maier, who was a German counsellor and physician. The words inside were laid out in such a way that they made a rose, and it said "A greeting on the birthday of the Sacred King, to the most worshipful and energetic lord and most eminent James, King of Great Britain and Ireland, and Defender of the true faith, with a gesture of joyful celebration of the Birthday of the Lord, in most joy and fortune, we enter into the new auspicious year 1612". A bit more of a mouthful than "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year", although the sentiment remains very similar. 

A springtime scene

Originally Christmas cards in Britain tended not to depict a winter scene or even religious themes. They would instead display flora, fairies and designs that represented the coming spring. Other popular designs, which remain popular on cards for all occasions to this day, were funny images, as well as pictures of children and animals that held sentimental value. 

From cards to postcards, and back to cards again

By the 1880s over five million cards a year were being produced, and more and more companies and sellers were beginning to jump on the trend. Over the coming years, Victorian style cards with their elaborate designs became less and less popular, with postcards being favoured instead. By the 20s however, traditional cards with envelopes had made a huge comeback.

The birth of Hallmark

In 1913 Hallmark Cards was born. Joyce and Rollie Hall began the company to market their own Christmas cards that they'd produced themselves. The Hall brothers began to produce cards for other greetings too, which flourished when World War 1 broke out. In recent years cards have become less and less popular as the internet and smartphones make it easier to send seasonal messages immediately - but there has to be something said for opening a traditional Christmas card. 

Environmental impact

There have been recent concerns over the waste that is produced by the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. Woodland Trust is a UK charity who run a campaign each year to encourage Christmas card recycling. They collect donations and the recycled cards are a great help in raising money to plant more trees. More than 600,000,000 cards have been recycled this way which has helped plant more than 141 thousand trees saving tens of thousands of tonnes of paper and CO2 emissions. 

Perfect your presents

We also create personalised wrapping paper, gift tags and stickers to help you decorate your presents to complement your personalised Christmas cards. You can fully customise your seasonal gift wrap, labels and even tree decorations and stockings. Give your Christmas tree a splash of personality amongst all the gold and red.