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Photo Montage Gift Ideas

When you close your eyes and remember those perfect moments, so many images flash past that one picture could never do it justice. A photo montage is a different matter altogether as it offers the best of both worlds.

At last you can capture a whole event in all its glory without having to settle for just one picture. A photo album may contain many of your favourite snaps but they are spread out, few and far between, pages separating them all so you can’t enjoy them in one go. With a photo montage, all the best moments from your treasured photo album can be placed together to replicate the event.

Photo montage items are perfect gift ideas for friends and family to remind them of the good times and show you care – all in one thoughtful package. What better way to share that occasion and look forward to many more fun times.

A photo montage can be printed on many of our products. The apron, sausage cushion, duvet cover and photo montage are just some of them! Another is the bean bag. What’s better than lounging in the living room on a bean bag that holds dear memories? If your best friend got a birthday coming up or your dad turns 50 this year, the bean bags make ultimate gift ideas.

a photo montage on a sausage shaped cushion

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