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Christmas Tree Photo Gifts And Decorations

Personalised Christmas tree Canvas

A Christmas tree on canvas mounted on the wall is a great alternative Christmas tree idea. Your family Christmas tree photos on canvas are great for those away from home at Christmas, minimalists who just cannot ‘do’ wires and mess, and apartment dwellers with little room for Xmas decorations. It will certainly be a talking point in your house and has high ‘quirky’ status.

Personalised Christmas tree Cushions

For the more traditional types, your nostalgic Christmas tree photos on large cushions are great for using while giving out the Christmas presents, and opening them – of course! Photo cushions feel luxurious and exude quality so they also make perfect Christmas gifts for everyone.

Personalised Christmas tree photos on coasters and placemats make a great gesture for the family Christmas table. They will be great talking point and go down particularly well as a Christmas in-law gift, particularly if you also use images of their Christmas dinner and major family members. In-law Christmas gifts are easy with Bags of Love’s expertise. They ensure all photos will look their best on your Christmas gifts with free date stamp and red eye removal.

Personalised Christmas banners with your own text and up to three images are a great way to decorate your home; they look great in the entrance, or over the mantelpiece. The Red HD satin finishes adds to the rich feel of Christmas, and is miles better than plastic-backed or foil banners. Personal Christmas tree images are great to use as a focal point for the welcome banner and make a thoughtful Christmas gift for the family home.

Your nostalgic Christmas images on personalised greeting cards make a thoughtful gesture. Special cards for special people take ages to find, so why not personalise your Christmas cards this year. A personalized card is a gift in itself, and comes with ‘Bags of Love’

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