Personalised Christening Gifts and Presents

Christening Gifts

Christening gifts celebrate the naming of our children on a special day when we give Christening presents to the little bundle of joy. Our baby Christening gifts are full of fun and happiness just like the little ones in your life. Those presents are all about commemorating a new family member and so they should celebrate childhood and be fun. Across our unique gift ideas, you’ll see many styles of personalised items to be remembered and treasured forever as christening keepsakes in the years to come.

The naming of a child is a truly beautiful occasion and will be remembered by the lovely family for all their lives. To mark this unforgettable moment, a fantastic image of the young child with his or her family members would be a lovely gift when transferred onto high quality canvas with an effect such as Pop Art Warhol or Lichtenstein. We have so many wonderful gift ideas to choose from that you are almost guaranteed to find something suitable. 

You can really take control of the production and creative process by determining what you would like to do with your gifts. You can choose any photos you think would be suitable, and, what's more, you can even add text for a unique and beautiful message of love and congratulations for the family. For the best gift ideas, see our unique Christening presents collection below and browse our products that take your fancy.

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  • The tea towel arrived quickly, the print is very good quality and everyone I have shown it to has been really impressed. I will be using this site again for Christmas presents.
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  • Love this personal touch wallet for my better half for Christmas hope he likes it as much as I do :)
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  • Good quality product and quick delivery when used previously - I needed this picture quickly and it was with me super fast! Quick and easy. 3 for 2 very attractive.
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  • Hi there!! Just a few lines to let you know that I love the personalised box I bought from you last week. I didn’t expect it so soon at home. The item quality is excellent and I will recommend Bags of...
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  • hello, I have recieved the poster you did for me! and I am really happy that it turned out well thank you so much - it looks so gorgeous. heather :)
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Personalised Baby Sleeping Bag

Christening baby sleeping bag

Christening gifts that help baby sleep

Make custom Christening presents with our wonderful personalised baby sleeping bags. Gifts you personalise with the name of the child. Makes a great unique religious gift and will bring sweet dreams to baby. This gift ideas will become a keepsake treasure forever. Christening presents to treasure forever!

Baby Christening Gifts

Baby Christening Gifts

Personalised Baby Christening Gifts

Have Baby Christening Gifts custom made to order for your baby of your friends' or your relative's baby. Lots of original baby gifts ideas for you to design and personalise. Our Baby Christening Presents are made from terrific materials and hand crafted here in our London factory meaning you can order now and get your unique items in a few days.

Christening Gift Vouchers

Christening Gifts Vouchers

Christening Gift Vouchers same day next day now

And if you need something fast for a Christening gift then our Christening Gift Vouchers will help. We make and send them same day. If that is not fast enough, we can email you the PDF for you to print locally so you will not be empty handed.

Christening Gifts For Boys

Christening Gifts For Boys

Personalised Baby Christening Gifts for Boys

Personalized Gifts for Boys are a joy both to make and give. You can be sure the recipient will also love them. We make Gifts for Boys in a matter of days and that means beautiful hand crafted gift ideas can be in your hands very soon. Make something special that will last a lifetime with our Personalised Gifts for boys.

Christening Gifts For Girls

Christening Gifts For Girls

Personalised Christening Gifts For Girls

Our baby Gifts For Girls include some very sweet ideas that you can personalise with the baby's name and date of birth in text - and even a photo if you wish. Some of these ideas for include baby blankets in pink with name, the Buggy Bag of love and beautiful little sleeping bags.

Christening Presents

Christening Presents

Christening Presents Made with Love

Our Christening Presents are Made with Love. When the little ones get their special day for their naming ceremony make sure you have got something to give that marks the day - personalised gifts. You can custom design or make many different types of Christening Presents personalised with name text and or photos. We specialise in making lifetime mementos so the Presents you buy will last forever and will be important to the child thoug to their adult life.

Christening Baby Comfort Blanket

Christening baby comfort blanket

Make comfort for baby

This is a fun Christening gift idea - a personalised baby comfort blanket to celebrate the naming. These are unique Christening presents because you personalise the blanket with the baby's name. Once the baby gets this  gift idea they will be carrying it wherever they go! And what's more these unique item can be treasured forever and will probably make it into the baby keepsake box. Much more interesting ideas for gifts than silver spoons.

Personalised Toy Bag - Big, Fun, Useful

toy bag christening gift

Helps Keep The Cuddly Toys Tidy

One thing any parent will tell you is that the amount of baby, infant, toddler or kids stuff that lives of the floor is incredible. It can often mean that every few hours there needs to be a tidy up! Every day if the parents want their rooms back! So here at Bags Of Love we decided to make a great big toy storage bag exactly for this purpose. Great functionality and perfectly personalised to make a terrific Christening present idea for memories and toys.

Christening Presents Keepsake Box

Christening Gift Keepsake Box

Perfect Christening gift box with photo and name

A perfect Christening gift idea is our beautiful hand crafted personalised box with photo and name - ideal as Christening presents for girls as well as for boys. The entire box is printed and assembled from the photo and you can add text too to make a unique Christening gift idea. If you need something special and original for a family or friend then this is an ideal present for. Keep some of the other great items in it too!

Personalised Cushion With Name

christening cushion

Naming gift for Christening present

Celebrate the child's Christening with a personalised printed cushion with name on it. For such a special occasion it's important that you come up with an original idea and this personalised cushion with name on it is ideal. Soft, gorgeous and plump with a detachable cover that can be washed without loss of print.

Christening Gifts Baby Blanket

Christening baby blanket

Personalised baby blanket Christening gift

When you buy baby gifts, they need to be something unique for the parents and child - something they can remember fondly when the child is an adult. That means a personalised Christening gift baby blanket is ideal because you can have the child's name or photos printed on it and it will make a unique gift keepsake. Great for girls as well as for boys.

Changing Mat Christening Keepsake

christening baby changing mats

Changing mat keepsake christening present

Changing mats just got much more fun. Gone are the plastic sponge ones - say hello to the personalised baby changing mat for Christening presents. These ones are soft fleeced and backed with a waterproof liner. These will be well received - and what's more they are personalised either with the baby's name or with photos making unique products. Christening presents can be more interesting than a silver spoon.