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Wallpaper Remnants

Wallpaper Remnants

Wallpaper Offcuts Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Get creative with your papier-mâché projects. We’re offering wallpaper remnants, made in the UK, in a selection of unique papers. You can choose...

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Order wallpaper offcuts online

  • A mixed selection of unique paper
  • Choose your roll length
  • Including our premium wallpaper scraps
  • White wallpaper rolls up to 10m long
  • High-quality paper
  • Re-use for craft and DIY projects

Order our wallpaper offcuts for your eco-friendly DIY projects.

Reuse our high-quality paper scraps for all your diverse art projects. We offer white wallpaper offcuts in rolls up to 10 metres long so you can appreciate the quality of our selection of paper for all your project needs. Some of our scraps are 100% opaque or offer a light texture and matte finish, while others are smooth and breathable. Order our wallpaper remnants online for a mixed selection of paper with unique properties, including our premium paper option.
  • Choose from 1.25-10m long wallpaper rolls
  • A lucky selection of unique paper
  • Neatly rolled white paper
  • Re-use the wallpaper remnants for arts and crafts
  • The perfect paper types for papier-mâché
  • A variety of matte, tear-resistant and robust papers
  • 100% opaque premium paper included
  • Wallpaper remnants, made in the UK 


Our wallpaper scraps are super useful when you’re looking to fix up your walls with DIY wall lining or craft your papier-mâché projects. We offer high-quality white scraps in a selection of different papers and cut the wallpaper remnants neatly in generously sized rolls (up to 10 metres long) in our London studio. Each paper has its own amazingly unique properties, a customer favourite being our premium option that’s 100% opaque with a stunning, light texture. Explore our quality paper types and get crafty with your memorable school projects.


• 1.25m 
• 2.5m 
• 5m 
• 10m  

We have a sustainability mission at Bags of Love to minimise waste as much as possible. At times, when someone uploads a photo to our interface to create their own wallpaper, some white, unprinted material is cut off from the edges. That’s why we send our wallpaper scraps to you and cut them to the desired length, so they’ll have another life. At the same time, we get to support your unique DIY projects.


Honestly, there’s no such thing as waste wallpaper. After you’ve found your favourite paper type, you can repurpose the versatile wallpaper remnants in a number of
different craft projects: DIY wall art or lining the back of shelves, for example. Gift wrapping is a totally failsafe craft. Perfect for school projects involving papier-mâché.

Add your own colour on top of the scraps before covering your gifts, and you’ll have an economical yet smart presentation. Perhaps you could even line a classic white lampshade with a short roll of paper for a crisp, modern look.

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