Design Your Own Fabric For Quilting

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Design your own custom printed quilt fabric for your creative arts and crafts projects at home. From lustrous satin to luxury plush velvet, our fabric for quilting range is perfect for making duvets, pillows and even fabric quilted bags. Printed using dye sublimation, your creations will remain bright and colourful wash after wash.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • Made in UK

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Quilting Fabric Features

  • Custom size quilt prints with your designs
  • Perfect for patchwork, quilting, dressmaking
  • Permanent dye sublimation print
  • Choose from wide quilt fabric range
  • Printed in London UK, ready in 1-2 days

Quilt Fabric Printing Information

Our quilting fabric range is perfect for a number of hobbies. Whether you enjoy creating patchwork quilts, like to restore old clothes with new patterned linings or make twee furnishings for your home, personalised quilt fabric is the perfect choice. It's so fun to get creative and use something you've made from scratch, including the design of the print. Use photographs, patterns or artwork and make quilt prints that are totally unlike anything you can get in the shops. 

  • Custom printed quilt fabric
  • Make duvets, clothes, accessories
  • Custom sizes to suit your needs
  • Dye sublimation print won't fade
  • Bright, bold full colour print
  • Wide range from luxury satin to plush velvet
  • Choice of 4 edge finishing options*
  • Printed to order in London, UK
  • Ready in 1-2 days

How Do You Achieve Printed Quilt Fabric?

The process we use, dye sublimation, fuses the ink deep into the textile fibres, creating a permanent print that doesn't scratch off or peel away. Surface textures and appearance vary across the different quilting materials, so this could help you decide which one you need for your craft project. 

*All of our quilting fabrics come with a choice of 4 edge finishing options: cut on the line for precision, hemmed with white thread, hemmed with black thread, or left as it is with a rough cut.

  • Cotton – durable but soft, and retains colour well
  • Satin – lustrous with a sheen, made using a woven fabric blend
  • Silk – shimmery with a gorgeous drape, insulates heat despite being low density
  • Linen – natural, cool and light, stronger when wet
  • Voile - silky with a gentle drape, semi-sheer and lightweight
  • Poplin – soft but taut, matt, good levels of opacity
  • Velvet – luxurious and strong, no elasticity, reflects the light

What Else Can I Make Using Quilt Fabric?

It's perfect for a number of other uses alongside making custom bedding. If you're preparing for colder climates, then sew your own padded dressing gown or lounge wear jacket. Being comfortable doesn't have to say you compromise on style! An innovative idea is to attach a hood to a normal jacket using quilting fabric. When it's raining, a nice thick padded hood is always handy, and it keeps your head warm too. You can also make crafty little sock puppets for children. Printed with a unique design, playtime is even more intriguing. 

Design your own quilt fabric today and have fun sewing your new creation at home. 

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