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Herringbone Fabric

Create Your Own Herringbone Print

from £14.50

This classic herringbone weave fabric is a timeless textile that'll never go out of style. It has a soft, cotton feel, but the medium weight gives it structure making it ideal for furnishings, home accessories and craft projects. Print your unique designs onto our Mayfair herringbone fabric and create elegant homeware or apparel.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • UK delivery: £4.99

  • Pay after delivery

Herringbone Fabric UK Features

  • Custom size herringbone fabric
  • Perfect for upholstery, sofa throws, jackets
  • Choice of 4 edge finishes
  • Permanent dye sublimation print
  • Printed in London, UK, ready in 1-2 days
washing and care instructions

The herringbone weave is a traditional pattern, formed by repeating V shapes to produce zig-zagged lines (hence the name 'herring bone' as it looks like a fish skeleton).

Our Mayfair herringbone fabric is a woven poly-blend, featuring a tight closed weave that gives it a degree of opacity. The spun poly yarns give it a distinctive soft, cotton-like feel, making it ideal to use for making sofa throws, cushions and even lightweight jackets if you're feeling ambitious. 
  • Traditional herringbone weave
  • Soft, cotton-like feel
  • Natural drape falls easily
  • Woven structure allows slight transparency
  • Textured surface shows herringbone detail
  • Off-white base tone for authentic look
  • Easy to wash
  • Perfect for DIY furnishing projects
  • Ideal for making your own apparel
  • Max width 1.48m
  • Max length 5m
  • Weight 269gsm
  • Choose from 4 edge finishes
  • Printed to order in London, UK
By using a specialist dye sublimation process, the ink is bonded to the herringbone fabric meaning it won't fade, peel away or scratch off. You can choose any design, whether it's photos, illustrations or graphic design.

The base colour of our Mayfair herringbone print fabric is an off-white/cream, giving it an authentic, sort of vintage style look. Because of this, darker colours really pop and have a nice contrast. To get the best results, we'd suggest avoiding large areas of pale colours, as they might get lost against the off-white base. 

*What's more, you can choose from 4 edge finishes to suit the nature of your craft DIY project: cut on the line; hemmed with white thread; hemmed with black thread or just left as it is.
Important: Before you measure and order your Herringbone fabric, you must read and understand our hemming and shrinkage guidelines. It's essential to make yourself familiar with this before ordering.

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