Personalised Valentine's Gifts: Romantic Gift Ideas for 2024

We're a bunch of romantics here at Bags of Love & our personalised Valentine's gifts are lovingly handmade...

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Design Romantic Photo Gifts for Your Partner

You won't find petrol station flowers and a box of chocolates here, only gorgeous personalised Valentine's gifts made with love. Show your affection to your girlfriend or boyfriend and create beautiful gifts customised with messages, cute photos or heart themed designs. We know you have to show your love every day, but taking St Valentine's Day out to really put in a concerted effort is sure to land you some brownie points.

Valentine's Day origins

Valentine's Day is also known as Saint Valentine's Day, or occasionally the Feast of Saint Valentine. This is due to the fact that it originated as a feast day in Western Christianity, honouring early saints. Named after Saint Valentinus, Valentine's Day is celebrated annually, always on 14th February. Saint Valentinus had many patronages, including affianced couples (those that were engaged, but not yet wed), happy marriages and love. It's due to this that Valentine's Day is recognised as significant in the celebration of romance. He was also the patron saint against fainting, of beekeepers, plague and epilepsy, but other than this, and the fact that he was martyred (and then later buried at a cemetery close to the north of Rome, on the same day) very little is reliably known about Saint Valentinus.

A celebration of romantic love

Within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer - who is widely considered the greatest English poet of the middle ages - during the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love fast became popular, Valentine's Day became associated with romantic love. It wasn't until the 18th century that in England, sending cards, flowers and chocolates became a way for two people to express their feelings towards one another. Celebrate your romantic love with personalised Valentine's Day gifts, and give the gift of something that won't wilt or be eaten once and then gone forever. We have a selection of romantic gift ideas for you to customise to make exactly as you want it to be.

From your valentine

Greetings cards that are exchanged on Valentine's Day are known as 'valentines' rather than 'Valentine's Day cards'. Although there is no definitive reason why this might be, it could be linked to the account written about Saint Valentine. This details his imprisonment, due to performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and also ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire. The martyrdom story depicts Saint Valentine recovering the sight of the judge's blind daughter. Before the execution of Saint Valentine, legend states that he wrote her a letter, and signed off as "Your Valentine". If you're struggling to find romantic gift ideas on the high street that show that same level of passion, then why not create your own? With personalised Valentine's Day gifts, you can use your photos, your happiest memories, and your heartfelt words to explain how you really feel.

Valentine's symbols

Modern-day symbols that are commonly seen used throughout Valentine's Day themes are the metaphorical heart-shaped outline, doves and the winged Cupid. During the 19th century, mass-produced Valentine's Day cards overtook hand-written or handmade cards in popularity, and are now widely considered the norm. Traditionally birds and roses were symbols attributed to Saint Valentine, and in Europe, keys which are known as 'Saint Valentine's Keys' are exchanged, symbolising an invitation to the recipient to unlock the giver's heart. These keys are also believed to offer a cure to epilepsy, known as Saint Valentine's Malady, or Saint Valentine's affliction, for many years. You can add these valentines symbols, both traditional and modern day, to an array of stunning personalised Valentine's Day gifts and give something that is both typically 'Valentine's Day' as well as being completely and utterly unique. 

Taking things up a level?

Thinking of proposing this Valentine's Day? Well do it in style with a romantic photo gift and print the crucial question on one of our products. It's something you'll be able to keep forever as a memory of this poignant moment. Tell your own love story with our romantic gifts customised the way you want. 

Valentine's Day with Bags of Love

Our range of personalised romantic gifts for him and her are handmade to order in London, UK, so you can boast that their gift is 100% bespoke. From luxury heart cushions to flirty boxer shorts for me, we have an array of personalised Valentine's gifts that help you find the right way to say how you feel. We take the traditional handmade card Valentine's Day vibe and bring it into the modern day. No mass-production and everything is made start to finish, by hand, and is personal to you. Featuring your photos, messages, artwork and designs, all made within a few days and shipped out to you with next day delivery options.