Personalised Luggage Tags UK

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Personalised Luggage Tags UK

Personalised Leather Luggage Tags Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Make spotting your luggage easier at the airport, train terminal, bus station with personalised leather lu...

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Photo Luggage Tags

  • Choose leather or faux leather
  • 70 mm x 57 mm luggage tags
  • Padded, buckled strap fastening
  • Choice of four thread colours
  • Print both sides with photo / text
  • No hand writing needed

Add a nice finish to your personalised luggage tags or a treat for your special trip such as a honey moon or long vacation.

Create personalised luggage tags, UK made from 100% real leather or a faux leatherette, and have them printed with your details as needs be. See these great ideas for personalised leather luggage tags, UK printed, here. Design them on-line adding photos and text to create your own unique personalised leather luggage tags or make a fun and original gift for someone or even a couple e.g. personalised luggage tags Mr and Mrs.
  • Personalise front and back separately
  • 100% real leather or faux leather
  • 70 mm x 57 mm padded luggage tag
  • Approx. weight: <20g
  • Choice of four thread colours
  • Long-lasting colour printing
  • Can add text to either side
  • Leather buckled strap
  • Handmade to order
  • Printed with your photos
  • Made in London UK

Real or Faux Leather

Real LeatherWhen you design your personalised luggage tags, UK made to order, you can choose between charcoal, cream, red or blue thread. A neoprene pad is placed between the two layers of 100% Nappa leather or faux leatherette, making a thick, spongy, high-quality travel tag.

Keep your luggage safe and stylish with personalised luggage tags

Make a bold statement with personalised leather luggage tags that reflect your unique style. Easily identify your belongings with a custom luggage tag securely attached to your luggage. Customised luggage tags make an ideal present for frequent travellers, business professionals, or anyone who appreciates a touch of luxury and practicality. For a timeless and sophisticated touch, opt for classic embossed initials on your personalised luggage tag.

Create a sense of unity and togetherness with family-friendly designs on your custom printed luggage tags. Matching tags for each family member ensure you can easily identify your belongings while traveling together. Custom bag tags are the perfect solution for adding a touch of sophistication and practicality to your travel essentials.

Making your own designer leather tags

Your photos are printed directly onto the leather using our specialist leather printing techniques. This bonds the ink to the fibres, making your print as strong as the leather itself. Craftsmen cut your suitcase tags to size before they are hand stitched by our expert seamstresses, quality checked and then sent out to you.

Bridal Photo Luggage Tags

Celebrate a wedding with our personalised luggage tags UK. Strong and great looking for a honeymoon, and ideal to provide a great lasting reminder. Place your details e.g. Mr and Mrs on one side and an image on the other. You may even want to include a thoughtful word, phrase or quote with the image. A pair will make a wedding custom luggage tags gift. We give a discount for more than one purchased. And if you are a married couple two are cheaper when thinking of personalised Mr and Mrs custom luggage tags.


Mr and Mrs Personalised Luggage Tags Your Design

Show someone special that you care with a set of customised Mr and Mrs customised luggage tags in leather printed with photos and text. Upload your favourite image - perhaps even a shot of the newly-weds/couple. Add details, and you're good to go. Personalised luggage tags, UK handmade, are the perfect present for your significant other on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day or any other special occasions too. Men's and women's joint photo gifts are so much sweeter when they're personalised, and if they're not the Mr Mrs type, create baggage tags with their initials and a picture. 


Family Photo Luggage Tags

Travelling as a family? Organise all of your bags with personalised leather luggage tags UK designed in the same theme. Our tip: the brighter the image, the easier your luggage will be to spot. Now you can enjoy your trip knowing that you have one less thing to worry about. It's an especially perfect solution for families travelling with children using personalised bag tags for all the family-specific luggage so nothing gets lost.


Leather Golf Luggage Tags

Make your gear stand out on the course with these personalised luggage tags for golf lovers. Customised with name, address and choice of photo and words, these custom bag tags ensure that you'll find your clubs in a hurry and can keep up your pace on the golf course.

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