Personalised Men's Scarf

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Personalised Men's Scarf

Silk Scarves for Men Made in the UKMade in the UK

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These personalised silk men's scarves are a great addition to any wardrobe. A custom-made men's silk scarf...

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Mens Silk Scarf Features

  • Printed on face of scarf
  • Edge to edge printing
  • Two rectangular sizes
  • Two square sizes
  • Choose hem type and thread colour
  • Three year guarantee

There is nothing quite like a silk personalised men's scarf to give that refined look to your suit or evening wear. 

Design your own unusual scarves using photos, images and text to add that finishing touch. With a choice of four different size options, in square or rectangular styling, you can even use your silk personalised men's silk as a men's shawl. The ideal accessory to burnish any look, you no longer have to settle for standard monochrome colours or the paisley-on-everything design. We have the option to design or leave plain, a sleek tin case, the perfect way to store your scarf or to present it as a gift. Be unique, be bold, and best of all be personalised. 
  • Choice of two different hemming styles
  • Available in various thread colour options
  • Square or rectangular designs
  • Use your photos, images and text
  • Natural or man-made silk fabrics
  • Available in different sizes
  • Choice of alternative fabrics available
  • Three-year guarantee
  • Custom tin display case available
  • Custom print or unprinted
  • Tin size: 220 mm x 160 mm x 24 mm
  • Tin weight: 280g
  • Custom printed brand label

Gifting Men’s Silk Scarves

Personalised men's silk scarves are a memorable and classy gift for a smart man. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or any other special occasion, these scarves bring a touch of richness and thoughtfulness to the gift-giving experience.

For birthdays, surprise the man in your life with a personalised men’s scarf that showcases his unique style and personality. Anniversaries call for a special gift, and a customised men’s silk scarf featuring a meaningful date or romantic message fits the bill perfectly. Graduations are significant achievements, and a personalised men’s scarf with the graduate's initials or alma mater is a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion. Weddings are another occasion where gifting personalised men’s scarves can make a lasting impression. Consider matching scarves for the groom and groomsmen, coordinating with the wedding theme.

A silk scarves for men is not just a gift; it's a timeless accessory that elevates any outfit. Whether it's worn with formal attire for a special event or used to enhance a casual ensemble, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The thoughtfulness behind the gift shines through, making the recipient feel special and appreciated.

What hemming styles are available for men’s silk scarves?

We offer two different hemming styles for men's silk scarves to cater to your preferences. You can choose between a folded baby hem or a three-thread overlock stitch. The folded baby hem provides a neat and classic finish, while the three-thread overlock stitch offers a more contemporary and edgy look. Both hemming styles are professionally done to ensure durability and enhance the overall appearance of your personalised men's silk scarf. You can select the hemming style that best complements your design and desired aesthetic.

How do you pick a silk scarf for a man?

When picking a silk scarf for a man, consider factors such as his personal style, the occasion, length and width, colour and pattern, and texture. Choose a scarf that complements his wardrobe and preferences, keeping in mind the desired style and practicality for different weather conditions.

Quantity Discount

As with many of our beautiful personalised clothing and gifting ranges, a personalised scarf, men's and women's, benefits from our amazing quantity discount. We have no minimum order, and to start enjoying these great savings, you can order as little as two on these silk personalised men's scarves. Why not try two different fabrics? Two different designs? Or even one scarf and a men's shawl?

Please be aware that natural fabrics have a higher shrinkage than poly fabrics, and allow for this when placing your order. Average shrinkage is 2-8%. Due to the fact, your one of a kind item is handmade by professionals variations in dimensions, measurement and shape may occur. As we use high-quality premium fabrics that are naturally super soft and delicate, this can cause the edges to be slightly wavy. When selecting our Mulmul Muslin, as it is an open weave this causes colour variations, which creates a unique finish and vintage feel. Your scarf will also be fitted with a mandatory care label. If you would like this to be customised then simply create an account and do so in our branding station. 

The luxury of a men's silk scarf

Your design will be printed from edge to edge in full magnificent colour on the face of the scarf. Dependant on the options you choose, you will have various colour thread options, which will hem your scarf using either a folded baby hem or a three thread overlock stitch. You can design your unusual scarves in either a 90 cm or 115 cm square, or a 133 x 105 cm or 135 x 31 cm rectangle. You can use your photos or images and even add text to create the perfect design for your silk personalised men's scarf.

Personalised men's scarf fabric options

If you want a wonderful personalised men's scarf or men's shawl, and silk is just not for you, you can choose one of our other fabrics for your stunning design. Our unusual scarves come in different fabric options. This includes a natural and a man-made silk textile, as well as a Georgette, a chiffon and a muslin fabric. Each has their own exclusive characteristics, with varying amounts of print show-through and textures. They also each have their own care instructions. 

Mulmul Muslin has a naturally loose yarn to it which gives your designs a rustic look, adding to the charm of your scarf. This manifests in slight colour and intensity variations, making every scarf truly unique and giving it a huge amount of character. Natural fabrics such as the Real Silk Satin and the Silk Georgette have a natural softness which can result in two of the hemmed edges having a wavy finish. This again adds a truly exclusive touch to each and every silk personalised men's scarf.  Please be aware that natural fabrics have a higher shrinkage than poly fabrics, and allow for this when placing your order. Average shrinkage is 2-8%.

Care: Natural fabrics should be dry cleaned only. Poly fabrics can be washed on a cold/delicate wash to prolong longevity. We offer a three year guarantee on the fabric structure of all materials and a three-year print guarantee on all dye sublimation printing (poly fabrics). Due to the delicate nature of the Mulmul Soft Muslin fabric, some pulls are to be expected and this is not out of the ordinary.

Also, our Cashmere Wool Fabric is woven with great attention to detail on hand looms, using these extraordinary fibres. This intricate process can result in subtle flaws, imperfections, and irregularities in the weave, showcasing the craftsmanship behind each piece. You may occasionally come across small unprinted areas due to fabric fluff falling off during processing, which unveils the untouched fabric beneath. To maintain high-quality standards, we consider a tolerance of approximately 1-2 dots per m² acceptable for such instances. Furthermore, please be aware that the nature of this material may cause hemmed edges to exhibit a delicate scalloping effect and may not perfectly align with straight lines in your design.

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