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Leather Offcuts

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Leather Offcuts

Leather Scraps UK Made in the UKMade in the UK

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As you might have noticed, we have greatly expanded our leather selection recently; the leathers themselve...

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Leather Offcuts Lucky Bags

  • 100% real leather - Nappa, shoulder
  • 500g and 750g options
  • +/- 10% on bag weights
  • Small pieces in various colours
  • 1kg white leatherette selection
  • Available for just a small charge

Unleash your inner crafter and let your creativity run wild with leather scraps UK.

We all know that leather is an expensive material, and if you're just starting to learn the basics with leather crafting then you don't particularly want to be ordering large amounts just to test out your new favourite technique, or to try that method you saw in a tutorial video. Leather offcuts from Bags of Love are the perfect solution to this, for a small charge you can order either a 500g or 750g bag of small offcuts, which are fantastic for perfecting your methods before you take it all the way and start your first leather creation. Maybe, as a seasoned leathercrafter, you fancy a challenge, something to push your creative limits. For a nominal fee, you can get your hands on a bag of leather or leatherette remnants to drive yourself to get really creative.
  • Random mix of coloured leathers
  • Beige, black, blue, pink or white
  • A lucky dip of 500g or 750g
  • 100% real leather
  • Includes Nappa and shoulder
  • 1kg white leatherette option
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Weights are +/- 10%
  • Available for a very small charge
  • Environmentally friendly and reduces landfill
  • Great for beginner or seasoned crafters
  • Share your projects on our social media

Sustainability is not just a trend at Bags of Love

We have an ambitious goal to reduce or remove waste in all facets of production, from supplying to sending it off. Recycling is one of our core values, demonstrated in part with these leather offcuts. Instead of throwing them away, we offer them to crafters, DIY-ers, and fashion designers all over the UK. You make sure they don’t go to waste by producing incredible pieces with them.


This is just one of the many sustainable practices we’ve implemented for a greener Bags of Love. We also utilise eco-friendly, water-based inks that don’t generate any harmful vapours or water waste. Our leathers, fabrics and other materials are sourced from the UK when possible, with most others coming from the EU, which ensures ethical production that sustains the local economy. We’re proud of the production model we’ve created, and aim to increase our sustainable endeavours going forward.

Why do you have leather offcuts?

Because we print everything onto the material as the first step of our production process, and due to the fact that animals aren't neat and tidy square shapes, we cut the leather down to the required size or pattern, which leaves some spare leather scraps. UK printed in our facility, we thought what better way to save sending these leather offcuts to landfill than to offer them to the great British crafters. 

Ensuring that we remain as eco-friendly as possible, and offering the highest-quality leathers at teeny tiny prices, saw the birth of our lucky bag of leather offcuts. The perfect way to sample our fantastic leather collection whilst setting yourself a challenge or being able to practice new techniques without it costing the Earth (in two ways!).

Patchwork, or working through a patch?

There are a number of things that you can use your lucky bag of leather scraps UK for. Take a new approach to patchwork by using not only pieces which vary in colour but also in shape and size. Use your leather offcuts to patch up bags, jeans, jackets and more, for not only a change in colour but a change in texture too. 

If you have just bought a new sewing machine for use with leathers, you can use these leather offcuts to try out various stitching styles, thread colours and so much more. 

Ideal for the seasoned leathercrafters, as well as those who dare to try something new. Whatever you decide to make with your lucky bag of leather offcuts why dont you share it with us on our social media pages? There could be something in it for you!

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