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High Top Espadrilles Personalised with Your Photos

High Top Espadrilles Personalised with Your Photos

Create Your Own Ankle Boots Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Create your own high top espadrilles using your photos and images. Made from high-quality canvas, with jut...

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High Top Espadrilles Features

  • Made from airy canvas
  • Personalised with your photos
  • Woven jute inner sole
  • In UK sizes 3 to 11
  • Non-slip rubber sole base
  • Two vegan-friendly options

For a modern spin on a timeless classic, these high top espadrilles are a perfect way to be comfortable while resonating chic style.

Customise these high top espadrilles in six different areas. Use your photos to design the insides and outsides of each shoe, as well as the vamps separately. You can design each shoe the same, totally different, as a mirror image or however you please. With a choice of either a natural or a black trim, and made from your choice of three material options, you can even ensure that your high top espadrilles insoles are vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  • Choice of three insole materials
  • Porcine leather insole material
  • Vegan plain jute insole fabric
  • Vegan printed textile insole
  • Made from high-quality canvas
  • Non-slip rubber sole base
  • Four pairs of shoelace eyelets
  • Trim in black or natural/white colour
  • Heel loop on the back of the shoe
  • Available in UK sizes 3 to 11
  • Approx. weight: 500g
  • Design high top espadrilles with your photos
  • Full edge to edge, HD printing
  • Handmade to order in London

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Choices, choices

Creating your own high top espadrilles couldn't be easier with our simple online design tool. Upload your favourite photos and start designing the six customisable areas of your desert boots. Each part is labelled so that it's super easy to know what part of the shoe you are customising. You can create the inside and outside of each foot separately, so you can choose to mirror your design so both insides match, have them exactly the same, or even use different images on all six panels.

There is a seam down the back of the high top espadrilles, which has a heel loop at the top to aid in putting your ankle shoes on. The laces are threaded through four pairs of metal eyelets, which span two and a half inches up shoe's side panels. The top of the arched tongue sits around two inches above the top of the lace (on a straight lace up, other lacing styles may vary)

Your high top espadrilles are supplied with laces which will either be white or black, depending on your trim colour choice. 'Natural' will have white laces and silver eyelets, whereas 'black' will come with black laces and gunmetal eyelets. The inner lining of your espadrilles will always be 'natural' colour.

Conversion size chart Footwear
  EU36 EU37 EU38 EU39 EU40 EU41 EU42 EU43 EU44 EU45 EU46
UK Men Shoe EU36 3.5
EU37 4
EU38 4.5
EU39 5 - 5.5
EU40 6 - 6.5
EU41 7 - 7.5
EU42 8 - 8.5
EU43 9 - 9.5
EU44 10 - 10.5
EU45 11 - 11.5
EU46 11.5 - 12
UK Women Shoe EU36 3
EU37 3.5
EU38 4
EU39 4.5 - 5
EU40 5.5 - 6
EU41 6.5 - 7
EU42 7.5 - 8
EU43 8.5 - 9
EU44 9.5 - 10
EU45 10.5 - 11
EU46 11.5
USA Men Shoe EU36 4
EU37 4.5
EU38 5
EU39 5.5 - 6
EU40 6.5 - 7
EU41 7.5 - 8
EU42 8.5 - 9
EU43 9.5 - 10
EU44 10.5 - 11
EU45 11.5 - 12
EU46 12.5
USA Women Shoe EU36 6
EU37 6.5
EU38 7
EU39 7.5 - 8
EU40 8.5 - 9
EU41 9.5 - 10
EU42 10.5 - 11
EU43 11.5 - 12
EU44 12.5 - 13
EU45 13.5 - 14
EU46 14.5
Max Foot Length cm / Inches EU36 22.5 - 8.86
EU37 23 - 9
EU38 24 - 9.4
EU39 24.5 - 9.6
EU40 25.4 - 10
EU41 26 - 10.2
EU42 26.8 - 10.5
EU43 27.5 - 10.8
EU44 28 - 11
EU45 28.5 - 11.2
EU46 29.4 - 11.5

Like a jigsaw

Your personalised high top espadrilles are handmade here in our London facility. Your photos will be printed onto the canvas material by one of our technicians. This will be printed with eco-friendly inks, in full glorious colour. Once this has been done the printed espadrille canvas will be passed onto one of our team of skilled craftsmen. They will then cut each of the panels to the required size and shape. By doing things this way round we can ensure that your customised high top espadrilles are printed edge to edge without white parts left at the sides. 

Our experienced seamstresses will then stitch the pieces of your photo high top espadrilles together, including the woven jute base and the rubber sole. It's like a stylish ankle shoe jigsaw puzzle. Once completed, everything is quality checked to make sure that it is just right before we ship it out to you.

So many options

There are so many things that you can do with these custom printed high top espadrilles, the possibilities are endless. Starting from sizes as small as 3.5 UK, these are a great idea for the younger fashionistas. Use pictures of their favourite characters from movies, TV or books, and as you can even add text you could include their name as part of the design. 

With the huge expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superhero shoes are becoming more and more popular, but sometimes it can be difficult to choose your favourite. Maybe your top heroes are unlikely pairings and you can never find the ones you like all in the same place. No longer does that need to be the case. Upload images of your best and bravest, and even add your favourite quote to create truly bespoke high top espadrilles that will make you the envy of all of your friends.

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