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personalised over gloves

Oven Gloves

Personalised Oven Gloves

If you or someone you know is a budding chef and loves cooking up a storm in the kitchen, then a pair of Personalised Oven Gloves will make the perfect photo gift. Now you can get your personalised oven gloves with your favourite choice of photo. Here is a range of trusted reviews from our customers to help you make a better decision. Thick insulation, protective and designed with your photo on one side.

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  • testimonials Perfect gift
    High quality product and very fast delivery! I'm delighted

    Mari From Vienna Review Date 18/04/2019
  • testimonials Great
    Really happy with the quality! My mum will be really pleased

    J n From London Review Date 26/03/2019
  • testimonials Excellent quality and service
    This is the second Oven Glove I have purchased for my father in law. When he said his first one had now unfortunately seen better days I didn’t hesitate where I would order a replacement from. Outstanding quality and service received as always.

    Carly G From Newport Review Date 26/12/2018
  • testimonials Personalised Oven gloves
    Excellent product quality, very good customer service over the phone checking my orders

    Graham S From Monks Risborough Review Date 14/12/2018
  • testimonials Fantasticly fast
    The gloves I ordered arrived within two days! How is that even possible when they have to be produced and shipped? The lady I gave them to loves the design and the quality. Very happy with my purchase

    Ida M From St Albans Review Date 15/10/2018
  • testimonials Joy Division Oven Gloves
    I've been trying to create some of these for my husband for years, and this is the most 'customisable' option I've ever found! The onscreen design tool was quite easy to use, and I like the way it analyses your images to check that they are of high enough quality. My only criticism was that it was difficult to get an accurate view of what the finished item would look like, so there were a couple of unexpected niggles, like an edge showing where I placed a black image onto a black background. The finished item arrived promptly and is of excellent quality. Most importantly, the recipient declared them the best present ever!

    Lucy A From Brighton Review Date 06/02/2018
  • testimonials Fantastic, practical, personal present
    Great quality and well fitting oven gloves

    Alison D From Peterborough Review Date 11/01/2018
  • testimonials Overall, product was as described
    The colours were amazing and it came out just like the photos. Service was responsive and the product came really fast. The only downside is that the shirt i ordered was 100% polyester and thinner than i expected and with the light colours, it was quite see through

    Deon L. From Singapore Review Date 14/11/2017
  • testimonials Excellent product and delivery!
    The quality of the product is perfect, the images I chose have come out very well, it was all done exceedingly quickly, I was very surprised at how quickly it had been made and delivered. 10/10!

    Ethan S From Bewdley Review Date 01/09/2017
  • testimonials Joy Division Oven Gloves!
    I needed a pair of bespoke oven gloves for a pals significant birthday. Short of making them myself this was the only way of producing the result I wanted. The process was simple. I downloaded the Joy Division album cover as a PDF file then uploaded this to the Bags of Love website. After another straightforward process of overlaying and positioning the image the finished item could be viewed from both sides. I was concerned about the quality of the product but when they arrived four days later I was well chuffed with the results. The oven glove material had been printed and then made into the glove rather than the other way around. The oven gloves looked amazing and the quality looked good but I haven't used them so can't vouch for their thermo conducting properties.

    Rob B. From Essex Review Date 13/06/2017
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